Digital Audio’s Role in the Brand Safety Conversation: Protecting Marketers’ Investments

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As digital ad spending continues to increase, advertisers have become more sophisticated both in their demands for high quality environments for their messages as well as their tools in assessing them. With the goal of keeping their brand safe, Brand Safety has taken a primary position as marketers invest and evaluate those investments in digital media. Digital media platforms can address advertiser concerns by highlighting factors that overcome issues related to unsafe environments.

Digital Audio platforms offer several advantages that enhance brand safety. The ability to select content channels and control an ad’s context and engaged listening where the listeners are actively engaged in selection of programming create positive listening environments for advertiser messaging. Non-skippable ads and in-app listening diminish the incidence of fraud. Filtering of invalid traffic, server-side ad insertion, and transparency in programmatic platforms are important protections as well.

All of this contributes to advertiser confidence. With such factors in mind, investments in digital audio platforms, both streaming and advertising, are among the safest digital media investments an advertiser can make today.

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