Advanced TV Targeting

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OTT / Connected TV

OTT leverages “apps” to stream video content to a television via an internet connection. Viewing methods include:

  • On-demand – where viewers select and watch content whenever they wish
  • Linear/live – where viewers watch at a particular time, channel or app (live content is streamed in real time as the event happens)

Best Practices for Advertisers

  • Leverage frequency capping where possible from specific publishers or platforms
  • Advertisers should seek a data onboarder with expertise in mapping from targeting segment to ad/device identifier and/or IP address.
  • Use high quality mezzanine file assets (which results in more consistency between content and commercials)
  • Demand transparent, third-party measurement which can include impressions, completion rates, engagement rates, demo guarantees via Nielsen/comScore, and ad effectiveness studies

Addressable Homes

Ranked by total size of addressable homes
Source: TV providers shared updated stats as of Nov 2018;
**Comcast Live/Linear homes are a subset of Comcast VOD homes ***DISH includes Sling TV

Source: AT&T AdWorks

Targeting and Serving Ads in Addressable TV

  • Addressable Linear TV does not widely support dynamic ad delivery, though specific ads can be sent to specific (addressable) households for granular audience targeting.
  • Addressable TV leverages subscriber registration data as well as set-top box technologies to apply specific audience segments.
  • Targeting options include household demographic data as well as first and third party data combined with a content distributor’s subscriber data in an anonymized match.
  • Audience segments can be based on nearly any household-based segment (ex: viewing and buying behavior, purchase intent).

Benefits of Addressable TV Targeting

  • Allows for more granular audience segmentation and targeting, leading to less waste as campaigns are more efficient
  • Closes the loop on sales attribution as the set top box offers deterministic linkage to exposure data and sales data