Advanced TV Attribution Buyers’ Guide

Advanced TV Attribution Buyers’ Guide

Advanced TV, which we define today as Addressable TV and OTT, offers marketers a powerful combination of precise targeting, as well as the ability to measure the effectiveness of their campaign from exposure to conversion. For direct brands—and any brand—measuring ROI is table stakes today, regardless of platform. Our goal with this attribution guide is to show  how to do this effectively for these advanced “big screen in the living room” campaigns.

Attribution in Advanced TV is a unique, emerging practice that offers advertisers the opportunity to understand how data-driven, audience based TV campaigns can drive sales, awareness, purchase intent, and other measurable KPIs. Furthermore, buyers can start to understand which segments, platforms, and content they should be investing in. By tying household–level exposure to measurable outcomes, buyers can then apply these learnings to non-addressable campaigns, where these insights are not as readily available.

Following the previously released OTT Video: An Overview and Advanced TV Targeting Guide, this Advanced TV Attribution Guide for Media Buyers is aimed at educating buyers on the benefits, opportunities, and processes for conducting attribution studies within the confines of Addressable TV/VOD and OTT/CTV.

This guide will provide you an overview of:

  • Attribution process workflow
  • Matching exposure data to household
  • Marketer’s benefits of attribution studies in advanced TV
  • What can be measured with an attribution study?
  • Align key information prior to launch
  • What to look for in an attribution partner
  • Common challenges, solutions, and best practices

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