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IAB Member Seal

Terms of Use

These seals are samples only:

IAB Member Seal (Sample)   IAB Member Seal (Sample)

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (hereafter referred to as the IAB) provides to its members a special logo, or “member seal”, which is intended to allow members of the digital media, marketing, and advertising community – and the general public – to know that a particular company, or division of a company, is a paying member of the organization. The logo is intended to be displayed only by current members of the organization in standard marketing materials. A typical use of such “seal” could include a website, an email promotion, or a printed brochure or advertisement.

The IAB’s “member seal” is available in two background colors – white, and black. The white background seal is intended for web or print materials with a darker hue; the black background seal is intended for web or print materials with a white or lighter hue. Members are allowed to change the size of the “seal” to a smaller size in order to meet design or print requirements, provided that the font size does not go below 5 points in the Futura T Bold font (this would compromise the readability of the logotype and wordmark). No other changes to the seals are allowed without the express approval of IAB.

The IAB’s “member seal” is available to all active members upon request. If a company does not renew its membership with the IAB, or chooses to cancel its membership before the end of a standard term (one calendar year), the “member seals” must be removed from the member’s website and/or any printed brochures or advertisements which have not been distributed. The IAB reserves the right to refuse the member seal to any company, at its sole discretion. The IAB also reserves the right to request that a company with a displayed “member seal” remove said seal from web or print distribution, at its sole discretion. Companies who do not renew membership with the IAB, or whose membership is terminated by the IAB, must remove the displayed seal from any web or marketing materials within 3 business days.

To request an IAB Member Seal or for specific questions about the IAB’s logo, member seal or membership, please contact:

Member Services
(212) 380-4703
[email protected]

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