Content Taxonomy

The IAB Tech Lab has developed and released a new Content Taxonomy in public review by March 1, 2017.

Main improvements with this new Content Taxonomy Version 2.0 include:

  • Development of a machine-readable taxonomy with incorporated ID mappings – a content taxonomy JSON file is uploaded on the IAB Tech Lab GitHub Repository
  • 400+ new site content classifications across 29 Tier 1 categories in addition to updated categories
  • Creation of independent vectors for describing the topical attributes of the page itself and adding extra dimensions of data about a given site’s content
  • Support for global applicability – nomenclature expanded to reflect a global perspective, making it more inclusive of all areas of the world

Please review the updated Content Taxonomy V 2.0 and send your comments to [email protected]. Feedback will be reviewed by the Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group.

Content Taxonomy Overview (PDF Version)

Content Taxonomy V2.0 – Draft for Public Review (Excel Version)

Other taxonomies in the work for 2017 include an ad product taxonomy, an audience taxonomy, and a taxonomy mapping tool.

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