IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard

New Dynamic Content Ad Standard V1.0

The IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard is a structured system of meta-data for defining creative components and their asset variations in an ad unit. This standard is designed to help creative developers, ad content management systems, and ad servers build and serve real time dynamic content in advertisements.

The dynamic content ad standard is developed to be programming language agnostic. At the same time, it is delivered with a JSON schema as an implementation example available here.

Download the Dynamic Content Ad Standard V 1.0

Here are a few examples of dynamic content ads using the IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard structure:

Dynamic content ad example by demographic and weather data signal – demo provided by Jivox.

Dynamic content ad example by geography and language signal data – demo provided by Spongecell.

Note that this demo is best viewed on a computer screen.

Choose different countries from the dropdown menu on the left to see which ad will be served in each country. Ad viewers will be served localized video voiceovers, messaging, and currency. Click here to view the JSON schema that describes the dynamic content used to generate this demo ad campaign.