Event - Online

The Storytelling Advantage

Deliver A Memorable Message
May 18 2021 / 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST - Limited spots available!

$49.99 - IAB Members
$59.99 - Non-Members
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      Have you ever wondered how podcasters, radio disc-jockey’s, professional interviewers, and newscasters get us to think and remember messages? In this session, Burst coaches use decades of experience and knowledge in the broadcasting and movie industries to teach how to tell stories while using your voice, facial expressions, and structure to deliver memorable messages. The storytelling technique cuts through the “mental fog” of distraction to create mental movies that make our messages memorable.

      What to Expect:

      • Learn broadcasting’s “power of 3” to create mental movies
      • Discover how to use a “cold open” and “button close” to stir the imagination
      • Harness the power of Burst’s story structure to make your message concise and memorable
      • Adopt a simple presentation structure that may just change your life