Sponsored Content/Native Advertising Buyer’s Guide Working Group Kick Off Meeting

New York, NY · 06.28.17

Developing and distributing branded content had become more complicated than ever with a wide array of package options and pricing that can vary significantly depending on who developed the content, buy types, content types, publisher sites, etc. The working group will prepare a document that, for the first time, will identify the various options and the key considerations that marketers should be thinking about upfront make sure that any branded content/native ad buy meets their objectives. More informed buyers will help the entire sell side.

– Both publishers and tech members will be needed to make this document as comprehensive as possible.

Co-Chairs: Melissa Diaz/Time Inc.-The Foundry, Chris Rooke/Nativo, Francis Turner/AdYouLike

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  • IAB SIX Conference Room
Address 116 E 27th Street 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016