Committee & Council Meeting - IAB Ad Lab or Remote

Legal Affairs Committee Meeting

Jul 16 2018


      Join us on Monday, July 16th from 3:30 – 5:30 PM EST for the first IAB Legal Committee Meeting of 2018. We will focus on addressing common legal issues in the digital advertising industry with the goal of driving efficiency, transparency and procompetitive outcomes.

      Many of you have shared your thoughts over the past several months about the key legal issues that the industry faces, as well as the ways in which the Committee can better serve the industry. Your valuable input is appreciated. We welcome your continued contributions to the Committee.

      If interested in attending, please email [email protected]


      Our agenda for the meeting is as follows:

      • Introductory Remarks and Overview of Key Issues Identified by Member Company General Counsel Offices
      • Focus Issue: GDPR
        • Discussion about GDPR implementation experiences
        • Current industry friction points
        • Future role of the Legal Affairs Committee around GDPR
      • Guest Speaker