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Introduction to Media Strategy


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      In today’s connected, global marketplace, having an omnichannel media strategy is crucial. The advertising industry has become quite complex with the introduction of what feels like an endless number of content destinations, which equates to a plethora of media channels.

      From TV to Mobile to Out-of-Home and Audio, people’s media time has increased over time and has become severely fragmented, making it more difficult for brands to reach consumers with their advertising messages. Just 15 to 20 years ago a brand could be quite successful with 90% of their media budget in TV. Now, that same budget could be sliced and diced in an infinite amount of ways.

      A media strategy takes the time and effort to answer the what, when, where, why, and how to narrow in on the ideal approach to investing media dollars to deliver the highest impact. Without it, it’s like traveling to unknown destinations without a GPS or map – you’re lost, vulnerable, wasting time, and overall frustrated. A media strategy is a map, giving you the confidence and direction needed to ensure you are on the right path forward to achieve the best business outcomes for your brand.

      In this course, you will learn the practical skills required to craft a thorough and thriving digital media strategy.

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