Implementing the Transparency and Consent Framework: A Technical How-To and Q&A Webinar

Live Webinar · 05.17.18

In the final weeks before GDPR May 25th enforcement date, this webinar gives product and engineering leads from publishers, buyers, ad tech vendors the opportunity to walk through implementation details in the Transparency and Consent Framework. We’ll walk through common questions and the guidance that is given in accordance with the technical specifications. There will be an open Q&A session, for you to ask the experts your questions!


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Tentative Agenda:

  • What is the Transparency and Consent Framework? How does it work?
  • What does the consent string data look like?What does a Consent Management Provider (CMP) look like? How do publishers implement?
  • Publishers: How to implement a CMP to ask consumers for consent, common implementation considerations
  • Buyers, DSPs: How to read consent strings in the bid stream
  • Vendors: How to read consent strings
  • Specifications in public comment (pubvendors.json and mobile app support), and how to implement
  • Panel Q&A, ask the experts.