Committee & Council - New York, NY

IAB Tech Lab Council – Q3 Meeting

Aug 7 2019 / 3:00 pm 6:00 pm EDT


      The IAB Tech Lab Council provides members with focused updates on Tech Lab’s initiatives and provides a forum for input and feedback from members. This supports IAB Tech Lab’s goal of enabling brand and media growth through working with companies from the buy-side and sell-side and from around the word to enable brand and media growth aligning to the following industry challenges and important themes:

      • Brand safety and Fraud
      • Identity, Data, and Consumer Privacy
      • Ad Experiences and Measurement
      • Programmatic Efficiency and Transparency

      Agenda to be released closer to the event date, cocktail networking to follow.

      Agenda Topics:

      • Kickoff
        • An overview of the key Tech Lab priorities for 2019 and the various initiatives that we have been working on
      • Open Measurement update
        • Adoption
        • Upcoming release
        • Compliance program
      • DigiTrust
        • Adoption of DigiTrust continues forward in momentum, while we focus on two parallel workstreams to facilitate the continued availability of persistent identifiers for our industry (given ongoing browser challenges). We’ll provide a full update on how we’re putting the consumer at the center, engaging with browsers to discuss a persistent identifier tied to consumer preferences, and evaluating alternative and/or supplemental technology mechanisms.
      • Transparency & Consent Framework v2
        • Huge strides in new features and technical enhancements drove technology upgrades in the TCF v2 specifications. Publishers, Vendors and CMPs all have new features to take advantage of in communicating consumer preferences and business transparency for compliance with GDPR. This secession will call out these key upgrades and point out resources to take advantage of as you build to v2 specs.
      • Unpacking the new Data Transparency Standards
        • Completed Data Transparency Standard v1.0 and the launch of an affiliated Data Transparency Standard Compliance Program. These programs are aimed at establishing minimum disclosure and transparency standards for any company that collects audience data for targeting, personalization, or measurement of digital advertising, and ultimately to encourage more informed data usage. Similar to a nutrition label, the standard asks data providers to offer details that inform segment quality, addressing things like segment recency, provenance, and segmentation criteria.
      • Sellers.json
        • As part of the overall strategy to fight as fraud, sellers.json and the SupplyChain object provide key transparency in OpenRTB. We will highlight some of the use cases and showcase early adopters of this initiative.
      • Tech Lab Compliance update
        • An update on the various compliance programs and the value they provide across the various efforts discussed earlier.
      • Video Stack – the new VSUITE
        • With the release of SIMID (Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition), we have completed the planned refresh of the video ad tech stack along with VAST4 and OMID. This session will go over the overall vision and the benefits of transitioning to the new stack

      About the Venue

      IAB ad lab - Professional Space 3

      IAB Ad Lab
      116 East 27th Street - 8th Floor
      New York, NY 10016