IAB Tech Lab Addressability Solutions Roadshow
May 19, 2021 / 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST
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      Join us for the next round of the IAB Tech Lab Addressability Solutions Roadshow on Wednesday, May 19 at 2PM ET/11AM PT. We will take a deep dive into the new portfolio of proposed standards and guidelines for addressability, accountability, and privacy. And we will discuss further how they each impact your business so that you can educate and prepare your teams for the implementation of these specs and guidelines as we work to finalize them. The IAB Tech Lab team and industry experts will discuss details, adoption readiness, suggest some best practices, and address the feedback received so far in the review process of these draft documents:

      • Seller defined contexts and audiences
      • User enabled ID token best practices
      • Accountability Platform
      • Global Privacy Platform

      Join us to get the full understanding of how everything will play together with commercial solutions, to ask your questions, and to get ready to plan and implement in your products. It’s time to participate in this major industry change and to learn how to prepare your company for the new norm in 2021!

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