Committee & Council - New York, NY

IAB Q2 Research Council Meeting

Apr 11 2019 / 3:30 pm 5:30 pm EST


      Join us on April 11 from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM ET at the IAB for the Q2 Research Council Meeting. The meeting agenda will focus around Direct Brands.


      -Direct Brands Presentation
      A review of the findings presented at this year’s Annual Leadership Meeting, including how Direct Brands leverage:

      • Storytelling
      • Communities/Listening/Social Media Marketing
      • Creating of Consumer Experiences
      • Media Acquisition

      …And how Big Brands are battling back!

      • Sources of relationship data
      • AR- and VR-enabled experiences, customization, and rich data.
      • Mobile as device connecting consumers to both digital shopping and in-store experiences.

      -IAB 250 –  Walk through of the 250 Direct Brands to watch in 2019…and why.


      About the Venue

      Advanced Programmatic for Buyers &  Sellers 1/17 - NYC

      IAB Ad Lab
      116 E 27th Street 8th Floor
      New York, NY 10016