IAB Mobile Marketplace 2015

New York · 03.30.15

b1The seventh annual IAB Mobile Marketplace got off to an exciting start with Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video at IAB, reflecting on how mobile has changed over the years. More than just devices and tools, mobile has become about how we live our lives. However, as mobile has become everything, the question of whether it is irrelevant to focus separately on mobile has been posed. Bager pointed out there are still many mobile specific challenges that the industry needs to tackle and, as a result, mobile is not redundant yet. She closed her talk by making a couple of announcements from the Mobile Center of Excellence: the launch of a video addendum to MRAID to help video mobile ads scale and the release of the third edition of the Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising survey results.

m1Next up Jeff Malmad, Head of Mobile and Life+ at Mindshare North America, set the stage for the day by discussing how mobile is defined today. Malmad emphasized that we are currently in the third wave of digital advertising—adaptive mobility. We are in the pipeline and to make it relevant there are three things that we must do to ensure mobile first: leverage location, embrace sensors, and create context. More and more, mobile is the first place where the new generation is touching brands, and the time spent there is significant. Ultimately data is what ties everything together and it is important to understand how to leverage it.

Following Malmad’s keynote, Bager turned the stage over to Joe Laszlo, Senior Director, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at IAB, who highlighted some statistics from the just released Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising – Third Edition study by IAB and Ovum.

Andrew HoffmanAndrew Hoffman, Vice President, Mobile Marketing at Mobext, Ned Newhouse, Executive Director, Mobile & Native at Condé Nast and Co-Chair of the Tablet Advertising Committee at IAB, and Douglas Wiesen, Account Director at Joule, took to the stage to share examples of effective mobile creative. Newhouse stressed that the opportunity with mobile is significantly better than passively watching TV, and now is the time for change. Ads must earn and reward consumers’ attention. The three presenters then made a call to action for everyone to embrace creative, test and learn, and innovate.

k1Continuing on the theme of compelling mobile creative and experiences, Ken Todd, Vice President, Digital Content Syndication & Mobile Development at Showtime Networks, Inc., was on stage next to share how Showtime has created groundbreaking and effective ad campaigns. Showtime’s motto is to break the spec in mobile advertising, and Todd shared examples of creative that ranged from adapting to the user environment to calls to action custom-developed for the mobile device. He went on to say that Showtime was careful not to disrupt the experience but always strived to immerse the consumer in a memorable experience, and urged the audience to do the same.

ii1The challenging topic of Mobile Measurement was tackled next with George Ivie, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director at Media Rating Council, and Richy Glassberg, Chief Operating Officer at Medialets. They discussed where the market is headed with the most pressing challenge in the mobile space—clear, consistent metrics. Ivie reemphasized that viewability is the first stage of the process and since mobile is a very different environment, many of the tools that are used for desktop measurement and standards need to be redesigned. The priorities of the MRC right now are to assess the feasibility of mobile technology and then study how users are interacting with devices. Ivie closed with a strong call to action for the industry to work with the MRC to study these unique mobile environments, contribute to standards, and volunteer data from campaigns.

c1Following a networking refreshment break, participants enjoyed deep-dive workshops dedicated to these topics: Ads for Apps, The Keys to Successful Mobile Monetization, and The Future of Yield Management in Mobile Advertising. The general session reconvened with Gabriel Cheng, Vice President, Mobile Strategy and Solutions at M&C Saatchi Mobile, continuing the discussion about mobile measurement and digital engagement across owned and earned platforms. With digital audiences becoming more fragmented, Cheng pointed out how it is increasingly difficult to map all devices back to a single user. The cookie is no longer reliable and while paid media has made advances with measurement, we are still in the early days with earned and owned media. Cheng ended his talk by offering the audience suggestions for how to improve and breakdown data silos.

t1Continuing on the theme of cross-screen consumption, Mark Trefgarne, Co-Founder of LiveRail and Product Director at Facebook, came on stage next. He stated that the biggest challenge of cross-device advertising is figuring out how to understand the person, not just the device. And with more time spent in mobile than TV, we need to come up with new solutions to address the new times. Trefgarne highlighted flaws with measurement and how, ultimately, people-based marketing was the way of the future to bridge the gaps between online and offline, and accurately and confidently measure mobile.

i1After Trefgarne’s talk, Drew Ianni, Chief Executive Officer, Event Chairman at M2 Events, sat down for a fireside chat with Kirt Thomson, General Manager of New Business at StubHub. Thomson addressed how StubHub is embracing new content and trying to change the perception of the traditional e-commerce business. He then shared some creative examples of how StubHub embraces people where they are used to going and delivers the right content to their users.

tt1Following a networking luncheon where the group was asked to help inform IAB about the biggest challenges and opportunities in the mobile space, participants reconvened for a conversation about mobile programmatic with Ravi Pahilajani, Partner, Senior Director, Digital at MEC, and Julienne Thompson, Vice President, Programmatic Business at Millennial Media. Pahilajani discussed how mobile is driving growth in RTB ad spend and how programmatic helps us gain a lot of efficiencies. He went on to say how there are still a number of measurement challenges and emphasized the importance of not just gathering data but understanding what to do with it to identify users.

mm1Two case studies on Mobile Audio and Video that explored the shift in content consumption were presented next. Karina Montgomery, Vice President, Strategic Sales Development at Pandora, shared how consumers were having a renaissance with audio and how three companies used unique ad offerings on Pandora to intercept a need state, personify a brand, and attract new clients. Isaac Showman, Founder, Managing Director at Reuters TV, followed with a presentation about the increasing demands of in-app video news and how Reuters had re-created TV news for a new group of consumers by focusing on being on-demand, up-to-date, mobile, authentically editorial, and social.

After the case studies, participants broke up into two deep-dive tracks dedicated to Cross-Screen & Local and Mobile Creative.

s1For the final keynote of the day, David Sable, Global Chief Executive Officer at Y&R, spoke about the importance of thinking about people first, not mobile first, and sat down with Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO at IAB, to discuss creativity at Y&R. He emphasized that digital is everything but that not everything is digital, and cited many examples of ‘Digibabble’—the use of the word digital as a modifier to anything giving the illusion of new. Sable said that as the world becomes more digital it is important to remember the following: humanity over algorithms; storytelling trumps; content, connection, and convergence; the generation world; and learn from the past as we build for the future.

The conference came to a close with participants breaking out for town hall conversations—an opportunity to engage one another in spirited discussion and debate—while enjoying drinks. The hot topics addressed were reaching people and not devices, and connecting to audiences through mobility data.

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8:00 am -

Registration Opens

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast

9:00 am - 9:10 am

Is “Mobile” Redundant?

Succeeding in the Untethered World

9:10 am - 9:40 am

Defining Mobile & Mobility – It’s About People!

In the age of wearables, in-car, and Internet-of-Things, how is mobile even defined? Forget about devices, platforms and screens. Mobile is behavior. Learn about location-based programs, connecting with wearables, and how to create consumer-centric experiences for a world gone mobile.

9:40 am - 10:10 am

Get Creative—Lift Your Tech, Data and Mobile Ad Performance

Is it possible for brands to produce mobile creative that moves hearts and minds?

Everyone from technology, data, and viewability to ad agencies and publishing companies are dependent upon great creative to win at today’s Attention Economy. With all the competing media content we are exposed to everyday, mobile advertisers are still working to create ads that entice consumers to take action. This showcase calls upon mobile leaders to share examples of what works—with the data to back it up—when building great mobile brand experiences.

10:10 am - 10:30 am

The Brand POV: Creating Great Mobile Ad Experiences

Showtime set out to break free from static display ads and decided to instead create beautiful, interactive mobile experiences that enhance engagement with fans across their brands of premium shows. See examples of groundbreaking campaigns that increased interaction rates through incredible new ways.

10:30 am - 10:45 am

Mobile Measurement: Can Mobile Success Ever Really Be Measured?

Measuring success in mobile is one of the greatest challenges facing our industry. Recently IAB, 4As and ANA are exploring a cross-industry initiative- Making Mobile Measurement Make sense (4Ms). See where the market is headed and find out how to get involved in solving the most pressing challenge in the mobile space—clear consistent metrics.

10:45 am - 11:15 am

Networking Refreshment Break

11:15 am - 11:45 am


Ads for AppsRoom 406, 4th Floor The Keys to Successful Mobile Monetization:A Deep Dive for Today’s PublishersRoom 404, 4th Floor The Future of Yield Management in Mobile AdvertisingRoom 402, 4th Floor
Consumers interact with digital content in many moments throughout the day. This constant connectivity means marketers need to shift their focus to identify the right moments to engage with people and build advertising strategies that deliver relevant information in those moments. Hear an overview of shifting consumer behavior across screens and then dive into three key strategies for building ads for apps, specifically to help marketers capture the moments that matter. Explore vertical-specific examples that illustrate how to build a great mobile app, run app promotion campaigns, and run app re-engagement campaigns.Jared Zlotnick, Global Mobile Strategy Lead, Google Developed specifically for mobile publishers who are already monetizing mobile, this workshop will explore crucial strategy components to evaluate effectiveness—including targeting, measurement, and preservation of the user experience. Presenters will also share valuable insights on RTB auction dynamics, high performing ad formats, like native, and the value of taking a holistic approach.Elle Destree, Knowledge Manager, LiveRailRikhi Jain, Mobile Monetization, Product Marketing, FacebookBrett Vogel, Product Marketing Manager, Monetization, Facebook As mobile advertising continues to evolve at an increasingly fast pace, automating programmatic buying and selling is significantly impacting how publishers and advertisers work together. Take an in-depth look at yield management automation techniques proven in the airline industry and learn how to apply them across demand mediation, automatic floor pricing, and more.Arel Lidow, Senior Director, Product Management, AppNexus
Google LiveRail AppNexus

11:45 am - 12:05 pm

Measuring Mobile and Digital Engagement Across Owned and Earned Platforms

Explore how brands and media companies evaluate mobile’s impact on ROI when so many options exist in cross-device measurement. While many questions are still being answered when it comes to mobile measurement, strides have been made. Discover innovative ways of thinking outside the measurement box to place value on owned and earned mobile messaging.

12:05 pm - 12:25 pm

Cross-Screen Consumption: Where Mobile Video Comes to Life

Publishers and brands are exploring the power of mobile video to reach consumers as they flock to popular video sites. See real examples of how these two sides of the ecosystem are able to target the right audience, on the right device, and at scale. Walk-away with an understanding of mobile video consumption, the power of programmatic video, and how this new advertising medium allows for greater creativity in brand messaging.

12:25 pm - 12:45 pm

A Fireside Chat with StubHub

12:45 pm - 1:30 pm

Networking Luncheon

Times Square Ballroom

1:30 pm - 1:50 pm

Mobile Programmatic: Brand Messaging Where You Want It, When You Want It

MEC sits down with Millennial Media to explore how the agency and its clients tap into the full potential of location data to connect brands with mobile consumers in real-time. Programmatic allows for greater creativity and brand messaging—learn how.

1:50 pm - 2:20 pm

A Series of Case Studies in Mobile Audio and Video:

Exploring the Shift in Content Consumption

Digital audio and video advertising will be one of the fastest-growing brand advertising mediums in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, much of it on mobile devices.  Streaming content is going to shift very quickly into a connected capacity—how will this shift impact brands and media companies in the next 2-5 years? Learn how to get ahead of this powerful new world of entertainment in this series of case studies.

Case Study 1
How Internet Radio Corrected Griffin & Reed’s Marketing Vision
Enhancing Client Acquisition Strategies Using Mobile Audio Advertising

Griffin & Reed Eye Care tapped into Pandora’s unique ad offerings to attract new clients. Part of Pandora’s magic is the more a consumer interacts with their Pandora stations, the more precise the delivered content—this is the same strategy they strive to take when delivering brand messages. See how this brand was able to increase their sales and client base by using a new medium that’s been around for years.

Karina Montgomery, Vice President, Strategic Sales Development, Pandora

Case Study 2
TV News Reinvented: The Increasing Demands of In-App Video News
Explore the opportunities that this industry disruption presents to advertisers, industry innovators and consumers.

The business of TV is changing at a furious pace. Consumers are more likely to hear about breaking news from a mobile phone alert rather than from a 24-hour news channel—and social media is a critical component of the content experience.  Authentic, relevant content is placed at a new premium as viewers are bombarded by experiences across a multitude of screens. This case study will examine how these seismic industry shifts, coupled with surging demand for mobile video content, have disrupted the traditional TV news experience.

Isaac Showman, Founder, Managing Director, Reuters TV

2:20 pm - 3:30 am

Deep-Dive Track Sessions

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

2:20 PM – 2:55 PM

Cross-Screen & Local
The Future of Mobile Targeting
Room 404, 4th Floor
Mobile Creative
The Canvas Matters
Room 406, 4th Floor
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IAB Digital Video Marketplace 2015 1
Mobile Targeting Slam Dunk
Relevant Ads in Real-Time through Intent-Based ProfilesHow can you determine user intent before the consumer even reaches a store? Using a combination of big data and programmatic technology, YP builds consumer profiles to decipher purchase intent. See an illustration of how this works through a profile of a College Basketball Fan.Luke Edson, Senior Vice President, National Markets Group, YP

Dr. David Rosenberg, Chief Scientist, Mobile Display, YP

Programmatic Creative
The Rise of Data Driven Content in Mobile Display AdvertisingHow and what we communicate matters as much as to whom we communicate with. To excite and engage consumers, we need to be able to show relevant and meaningful content. Programmatic creative technology enables marketers to create and serve the right message to the right audience easily and efficiently. So why is it that a static banner showing the same message in the same format to all users is still so popular?See recent examples and discuss how a combination of (audience) data, programmatic buying and programmatic creative technologies can really make advertising on mobile display a success.

Matevz Klanjsek, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Celtra

Mihael Mikek,Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Celtra

2:55 PM – 3:00 PM Five Minute Walk Time

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Cross Device Retargeting
Re-engage Consumers when they Switch DevicesConsumers move from screen to screen throughout the day to catch up on information. Learn how Cross Device Retargeting technology can recognize an individual user anonymously across devices and help brands re-engage across all channels.Vivian Chang, Vice President, General Manager, Technology Licensing Business, Tapad

Luke Edson, Senior Vice President, National Markets Group, YP

Let’s Get Intimate
How do brands fit into a world in which media is hyper-personal, data is everywhere, and our ability to target is ultra-precise?In this mobile age, it’s harder and harder for brands to be heard. Explore the increasingly personal (and important) world of contextual media placement and the challenges and opportunities for marketers.Josh Shabtai, Creative Director, IPG Media Lab

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Networking Refreshment Break

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

A Fireside Chat with David Sable

People First—Not Mobile First

4:50 pm - 5:45 pm

Town Halls

Pose questions. Share experiences. Exchange insights.
Walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Marketplace Conversations tap into this energy by creating interactive town halls focused on hot topics in digital marketing and media.

Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions.

Drinks will be served.

Reach People, Not Devices
Room 404, 4th Floor

Today’s consumer is using multiple devices to browse, research, engage, and shop. In fact, most of us are already using mobile devices to buy clothes, deposit checks, and track our workouts. Accordingly, in a world that is increasingly becoming “mobile first,” smartphones and other mobile devices are driving the uptick in cross-channel engagement. Savvy marketers are beginning to realize this, and many of them are allocating at least half of their digital marketing budgets to cross-channel advertising. However, it’s not just about reaching devices, that’s only part of the picture. It’s about reaching people.

  • How do advanced cross channel solutions give marketers a unified view of their customer, regardless of media channel or connected gadget?
  • What is the best way to use geo-targeting to find the right consumer, at the right place?
  • Going Cross-Channel is how you reach the right person, on the right channel, on the right device, at the right time—what are some of the best ways to approach a cross-channel campaign?

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Connecting to Audiences Through Mobility Data
Room 406, 4th Floor

With U.S. smartphone growth currently topping 53% and mobile phones now providing 24/7 connectivity, how are brands responding to the potential opportunities? Discuss the role mobility data plays in reaching audiences cross-channel, building models, creating dynamic content and providing insights and measurement. Audience connection, interaction and conversation continues to evolve as does mobility and technology.

  • How has the predominance of mobile data changed how you connect to audiences?
  • What role does this data play for content and creative? If not, why not?
  • How can you prepare now for the continued fragmentation of mobile with new emerging technology?

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5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Networking Cocktail Reception

Anna Bager - mobile video board

As EVP of Industry Initiatives at IAB, Anna Bager spearheads the strategic oversight of the digital media and marketing industries’ most vital and fastest growing platforms which include mobile, digital video, audio, measurement, and data. Under her leadership, she brings together and drives growth for three of the organizations’ paramount centers of excellence: The IAB Mobile Center, representing the mobile marketing, advertising, and media marketplace; The Digital Video Center, encompassing Advanced TV, OTT, and The Digital Content NewFronts, and The Data Center, developing consumer identifiers, data quality, industry benchmarks, and tools for data activation and automation. She is a driving force in building a one-stop shop for producing thought leadership, innovation, research, and best practices for these thriving industries.

Prior to joining the IAB, Bager was heading business intelligence at Ericsson Multimedia and head of research at Ericsson’s Business Consulting unit. Earlier, she was Research and Consulting Manager for IDC EMEA. Anna has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including being named “Most Important Women in Mobile Advertising” for Business Insider, and one of the “Top Women in Media” by Folio Mag for the past consecutive five years.

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  • Vivian Chang
  • Vice President, General Manager, Technology Licensing Business
  • Tapad

Vivian Chang was Tapad’s first hired employee and has played an integral role in developing the company’s core products and services. Within her first 3 years at Tapad, she built the company’s patent-pending technology, The Device Graph, and designed and implemented industry-leading privacy protocols for the organization. Since 2013, she has led Tapad’s Technology Licensing Business, establishing the company as the common currency for cross-device data across any technology. Building on her background at Microsoft and McKinsey, Vivian exhibits excellent leadership skills, technical expertise and the ability to be highly effective both internally and with industry-leading clients.

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As Vice President of Mobile Strategy at M&C Saatchi Mobile, Gabriel Cheng is charged with influencing vision, direction and goals for the strategy teams and shaping the future of mobile within the industry. In this role, Gabriel also contributes to executive level decisions in the overall intellectual and strategic development of the agency and demonstrates thought leadership by developing, implementing and driving strategies for new client business and organic growth. Through his strategic leadership, the agency has helped clients overcome the challenges they face in the mobile and digital space.  Gabriel is recognized in the advertising industry as a regular contributor to trade publications and conferences, advisor to ad-tech start-ups, member of 4A’s Mobile Strategic Task Force and IAB Mobile Marketplace Advisory Board . He earned the distinction of being one of AdWeek’s Top 10 Digital Media Buyers (30 and Under) and is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Cannes Silver Mobile Lion.

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  • Elle Destree
  • Knowledge Manager
  • LiveRail

Elle is a Knowledge Manager at LiveRail. Previously, Elle was an Account Management Team Lead at LiveRail where she led the West Coast account management team and managed publisher accounts. Prior to LiveRail, she held roles in publisher services at two ad networks and worked with gaming and mobile clients. 

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  • Luke Edson
  • Senior Vice President, National Markets Group
  • YP

Based in YP’s NYC office, Luke joined YP in April 2013 bringing deep experience in the digital media industry and a track record of delivering customer, revenue and profit results.  Prior to YP, Luke was SVP and GM at Cox Digital Solutions where he managed all aspects of the Cox Digital Solutions P&L including: sales, product, technology, publisher sales, account management and ad operations. Cox Media Group acquired Internet Broadcasting System’s IB Local Network where Luke served as Chief Revenue Officer. There he led the transformation of Internet Broadcasting’s TV website sales representation business into a viable and growing local advertising network. Previously, Luke was at AOL for 8 years, most recently in the role of Regional Sales Director, based on New York. In this role, he managed $120M territory including relationships with leading NYC media agencies.

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As COO of Medialets, Glassberg brings with him over two decades of experience across a wide range of digital advertising, sales and operations disciplines. Starting in the cable industry in the mid-1980?s at MTVN and then Turner Broadcasting where he launched CNN.com’s advertising business in 1995, Glassberg was a pioneer in the early digital age. He was a co-founder of the IAB and served as Vice Chairman for the formative years, helping to establish the organization as the leader in providing industry standards, research and guidance. Glassberg served as the Executive Vice President of Ad Sales for Lionsgate/TV Guide, where he directed media ad sales for TV Guide’s broadcast, online, mobile, broadband and video-on-demand platforms. He ran News Corp’s speed channel ad sales after the acquisition, and in 1999, Glassberg founded and served as the CEO of Phase2Media, one of the first online sales and marketing firms dedicated to exclusive representation of branded sites. He is also a founding board member of Breastcancer.org and the Chairman of the Breastcancer.org Bowl-a-Thon.

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  • Andrew Hoffman
  • Vice President, Mobile Marketing
  • Mobext

Andrew Hoffman is the New York Mobile Lead at Mobext, the full service Mobile Agency for Havas Media. As a mobile expert and evangelist, Andrew leads the New York team working across all clients including Sears Holdings Corp., LVMH, YP.com, Philips, M.A.C. Cosmetics and Deutsch Family Wines on mobile and tablet marketing initiatives as well as creative development and mobile platform strategy.

Prior to Mobext, Andrew gained digital and mobile expertise in integrated marketing and advertising space for Sports Illustrated creating strategic client marketing programs, developing SI’s Mobile Advertising Products and Integrated Planning for Hewlett Packard at ZenithOptimedia.

Andrew holds a B.S. in Business from the University of Maryland – College Park and enjoys outdoor adventuring, biking, running and traveling in his free time.

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  • Drew Ianni
  • Chief Executive Officer, Event Chairman
  • M2 Events
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George Ivie

George is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Media Rating Council (MRC), a not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress to assure high ethical and operational standards in audience measurement services. His background includes almost 30 years of experience in media research auditing, oversight, and consulting. Prior to being appointed the Executive Director of the MRC in January 2000, George was a partner at Ernst & Young and their lead representative and advisor to the MRC, conducting all MRC audits and interacting with MRC management and member organizations. George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices, operations, controls, and information systems in internet, multimedia, print, radio, and television measurement services.

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  • Rikhi Jain
  • Mobile Monetization, Product Marketing
  • Facebook

Rikhi Jain is on the Ads Product Marketing team at Facebook. Prior to this role, he was on Facebook’s Global Sales team, working with the savviest performance marketers to help them reach their business goals. In another life, he was a part of Cisco’s Corporate Development/M&A team, overlooking the Asia market before transitioning to the global consumer market. To make it even more fun, prior to all this, he zigzagged between industries including stints in management consulting, sports (Oakland Athletics), and radio broadcasting (hosted a talkshow). He has a B.S. from University of California Berkeley and an MBA from MIT.

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  • Arel Lidow
  • Senior Director, Product Management
  • AppNexus

Since joining AppNexus in 2009, Arel Lidow has developed many core features of the AppNexus platform and is currently responsible for development of mobile platform features.  Prior to AppNexus, Arel worked as a Technology Associate at Bridgewater Associates for four years building trading systems.  Arel holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering from Princeton University, with a Certificate in Finance.

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As head of Life+ and Mobile at Mindshare North America, Malmad helps brands understand the opportunity that wearable technology presents and in addition pioneers the latest programs in mobile technology. Throughout his career, Malmad has showcased his passion for digital. His mobile first view drives strategy and innovation across the Mindshare NA client base. 

Malmad joined Mindshare from Joule, a WPP subsidiary where he led marketing programs for Dell and Unilever. Previously, Jeff build integrated programs based on consumer insights at MediaCom and separately developed sponsorship programs at startup 24/7 Media for clients such as Comedy Central, AT&T and Yahoo!.

Malmad holds a BA from Ohio State University and is a member of the 4As Mobile Task Force.

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  • Karina Montgomery
  • Vice President, Strategic Sales Development
  • Pandora

As Pandora’s Vice President of Sales Development, Karina Montgomery leads a nationwide team of people who develop insights-driven, persuasive marketing solutions for a wide array of ad partners across multiple ad categories. Based in New York, Karina’s team partners with cross-functional groups at Pandora to create compelling, integrated programs that both align with marketer objectives, and delight connected consumers.? Prior to joining Pandora in 2012, Karina served as Director of Ad Strategy at Yahoo and Vice President of Category Strategy at True[X].

Karina is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. Her favorite Pandora stations are Spoon, Jack White Live and Lake Street Dive.

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Ned Newhouse has 35 years of media experience starting with Print Publishing at Newspapers, Magazine Advertising Sales at Parade and GQ Magazines starting in the 1980s. In the 1990’s he became the Associate Publisher of Mobile Office and Cellular Business Guide Magazines. In 1995 when the commercial internet began, he sold some of the first ads on the internet, Zima on AOL and AOL’s search engine, Webcrawler. In 1997, Ned was one of the founders of 24/7 Media, where he was its first VP of Sales. In 2001 Ned moved on to Bankate.com as its Chief Revenue Officer and later in 2006 held a similar position at CreditCards.com. Since 2010 Ned is the Executive Director of Mobile for Condé Nast. He has been responsible for the mobile strategy and execution for its 21 titles that include Wired, Vogue, The New Yorker, Glamour, GQ and Golf Digest.

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  • Ravi Pahilajani
  • Partner, Senior Director, Digital
  • MEC

Seasoned digital media professional with over 12 years of Digital Media Planning, Strategy, and Innovative experience. Experience in branding, direct response, content creation, and integration of data and technology in media and creative to accomplish goals. Over the past years, focused on CPG, Financial and Banking services, and Tech-telco clients.

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  • Dr. David Rosenberg
  • Chief Scientist, Mobile Display
  • YP

David is Chief Scientist for YP’s mobile display business. He was previously Chief Scientist at Sense Networks, a location-based mobile advertising company that YP acquired in 2013.

Having specialized in machine learning and statistical modeling during his doctoral studies at UC Berkeley, David lead the development of Sense’s capabilities in three core technologies: location data analysis, ad targeting, and RTB (real-time bidding) strategies. Prior to Sense Networks, David consulted for Zillow and Aptima, served as a scientific advisor to Discovereads (acquired by Goodreads), and worked at The MITRE Corporation on problems in cryptanalysis and pattern recognition.  In 2001, he received MITRE’s Special Recognition Award for finding a key security vulnerability in a proposed encryption system for GPS.  David has published a number of papers on statistical learning theory and natural language processing.? ?David has attended Yale University (Mathematics, B.S), Harvard University (Applied Mathematics (Computer Science track), S.M.), and UC Berkeley (Statistics, Ph.D.) 

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  • David Sable
  • Global Chief Executive Officer
  • Y&R

“Do it big, or stay in bed.”

That’s David’s belief, and it says it all — why bother if you can’t do it right?

David Sable became Global CEO of Y&R in February 2011, but Y&R has long been in his blood. He joined the Y&R training program in 1976, and he credits this induction into the business as the foundation for much of what he has done in his life.

He went on to Wells Rich Greene, working on Procter & Gamble, and then to Miller Advertising to work on Kinney Shoes, before moving to Israel. There he cofounded an agency, which reinforced his entrepreneurial spirit and was his first foray into high tech.

David rejoined the Y&R family on his return to the U.S., working for both Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe, counseling great clients like Colgate-Palmolive, Digital Equipment Corporation and Coca-Cola. He came back to Y&R Advertising in 1990, to lead the global portion of Colgate-Palmolive and then helped to win the United States Postal Service consolidated account, for whom, among other things, David and his team built the industry’s very first client website, won the first-ever interactive television award and created a logo that is still in use today.

David believes that the core of our business is about striking a balance between creativity — the storytelling we do — and innovation, which drives the story through the right channels to create new consumer experiences. This has always been true, of course, and Y&R has been a pioneer in developing media, but digital has changed everything once again.

In the early days of the Internet, as a cofounder of Genesis Direct, Y&R created a direct-to-fan Internet presence for the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, leveraging the consumer’s buying preferences between analog-catalogue, brick-and-mortar and digital retail. In doing so, the power and persuasion of digital started to gain recognition and take its place in the consumer equation.

When David joined Wunderman, where he spent 10 years as Vice Chairman and COO, his biggest task was building on the company’s heritage as a data-based marketer and showing that it is data that drives marketing, not simply one channel. As a result, he helped transform the agency into one of the world’s leading digital networks.

At Y&R, David sees the greatest competitive differentiator to be the agency’s ability to create a complete experience for consumers that bridges the detail and physical worlds. While digital is everything, not everything is digital, and Y&R is eminently positioned as storytellers and innovators.

David has a strong online presence: he has been blogging since 2006, writing The Weekly Ramble, and has also written for Google Think Insights and Fast Company. He is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and LinkedIn and his views have been featured in many publications including Advertising Age, Adweek, Forbes, Yahoo! and Microsoft Advertising.

David believes it is important to be active in the industry. He is Director-at-Large of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (the 4As) and was a founding member of its Digital Advisory Board. He is also a director of the Advertising Council and has served on a wide range of juries — his favorite in recent years being the Titanium panel at Cannes. David is often asked to speak about marketing and digital, and serves as an adviser to many digital start-ups around the world.

David is equally passionate about giving back to the community. In the last year he became Chair of UNICEF’s New York Board and he has served on the New Yorkers Volunteer State Office of National and Community Service Commission since 2010. In 2008, the Mayor of the City of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg, appointed David to serve as a member of the Cultural Advisory Committee of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, on which he still serves. David also serves on a number of educational and other charitable boards including the UNCF.

David and his wife, Debbie, have two daughters and three treasured grandchildren — Henry, Teddy and their newborn sister Gemma.

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Josh is a game designer, award-winning interactive marketer, musician and sci-fi geek. As creative director at the IPG Media Lab, he obsesses over building new media experiences that fuse the physical and digital worlds.

Prior to joining the Lab, Josh co-founded LM/NL, a gaming company focused on blended digital/physical play, and Retoy, a “toys to life” platform bringing Skylanders-like functionality to low-cost toys.

Among Josh and his companies’ accomplishments: the multi-million selling Angry Birds Telepods platform, Hasbro’s top-grossing invention of 2013; best-selling augmented reality shooter Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner; Transformers: Battle Masters for iOS and Android; NERF Cyberhoop; and Lazer Tag: AR, the world’s first augmented reality Lazer Tag toy blaster.

Prior to these endeavors, Josh was a creative director at JWT, where he conceived the Gold Lion- and Webby-award winningBand-Aid Magic Vision: Starring the Muppets, which transformed everyday Band-Aid bandages into AR experiences for parents and kids to share. Prior to JWT, Josh served as VP of Product and Marketing at Israeli startup, Vringo, and, in 2006, founded Ketchum Public Relations’ social media division.

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  • Isaac Showman
  • Founder, Managing Director
  • Reuters TV

Isaac Showman is the founder and Managing Director of Reuters TV, a disruptive video news app that launched in February 2015. Reuters TV is the world’s first mobile TV news service offering an individually personalized news show that is simultaneously on-demand and up-to-date.

An intrapreneur, he joined Reuters, one of the worlds largest and most established news organizations believing that the organization’s history and reach provided it a unique opportunity to reshape the future of broadcast journalism. He has responsibility for all aspects of the innovative service, which has operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Reuters TV has been met by an enthusiastic response from early adopters and the industry and is set for ambitious expansion in the year ahead.

Previously he was a Vice President at The Economist Group, working in London and New York where he launched and and ran a number of new online businesses. Prior to that he was an Executive working on The Economist’s magazine marketing and subscription strategy.

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Julienne Thompson currently serves as Vice President of Millennial’s Programmatic Business, overseeing strategy and day-to-day operations for Millennial Media’s ad exchange (MMX), self-service platform (mMedia), and 3rd-party demand and supply relationships. Prior to Millennial, Julienne was Regional Vice President, West Coast Sales, at MediaMath, and prior to MediaMath, was responsible for AOL/Advertising.com’s bidded media business. Julienne graduated with a B.A. in English and minor in General Business Studies from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

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  • Kirt Thomson
  • General Manager of New Business
  • StubHub

As GM of New Business, Kirt is responsible for driving new revenue generating opportunities and strategic partnerships across advertising and vertical markets outside of StubHub’s core ticketing business.  Joining StubHub in 2011, as part of the Zvents acquisition, Kirt brings more than 25 years of experience in the enterprise software and consumer Internet industries, leading business development, sales and marketing, finance and operations with Oracle, Netscape and Niku as well as a number of successful start-ups.  Kirt holds an MBA from The Anderson School of Management at UCLA as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Stanford University where he serves on the Athletic Board.

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Ken Todd is the Vice President of Digital Content Syndication and Mobile Development for Showtime Networks Inc. In this position, Todd is responsible for the company’s promotional digital content distribution initiatives and broadband partnerships with entertainment and video-sharing portals, including full episode sampling campaigns, as well as overseeing analytics for Showtime Networks’ Digital Media group.

Todd also oversees mobile initiatives for Digital Media, which includes the development and operations for smartphone and tablet applications to enhance viewer engagement, and mobile messaging. Additionally, he oversees the development of key mobile advertising initiatives. The company launched the SHOWTIME Sync app for iPad, a second screen companion to SHOWTIME, in 2012, and launched a version for iPhone in 2014. The hallmark of this app is the sync-to-TV feature using automated content recognition, allowing users to get exclusive content and interact with episodes of SHOWTIME series any time they watch.

The SHOWTIME Sync app was nominated for an Emmy® for Outstanding Interactive Program in 2013, and also won the 2012 CTAM Sync-to-Screen Competition and a 2013 Key Art Award from The Hollywood Reporter. Its predecessor, the Showtime Social app for iPad, won the 2012 Webby Award for Integrated Mobile Experience. The company’s interactive mobile advertising initiatives have also garnered industry recognition, with the mobile campaign for the launch of RAY DONOVAN winning an Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Gold Award, as well as awards from the Mobile Marketing Association and the Online Media, Marketing and Advertising Awards. The company’s mobile advertising for the fourth season of HOMELAND, featuring a trailer enhanced with tactile effects, was named to the Top 10 mobile campaigns for 3rd Quarter 2014 by Mobile Marketer.

Todd is a member of the Interactive Media Peer Group Executive Committee of the Television Academy and was named to the CableFAX Digital Hot List in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Todd received his M.B.A. in Marketing and Corporate Strategy from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and his B.A. degree in Economics and International Studies from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He works in the company’s New York headquarters.

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Mark Trefgarne is Product Director at Facebook, where he oversees product strategy across the company’s AdTech businesses. Mark founded LiveRail in 2008 and led the company as founder and CEO from inception through the acquisition by Facebook in 2014. Prior to founding LiveRail, Mark founded Cleartide, an Internet strategy and development consultancy.

As an acclaimed entrepreneur and visionary leader, Mark frequently speaks at industry conferences and events, has appeared on Bloomberg TV and regularly provides commentary for leading publications such as Advertising Age, AdExchanger, Digiday, MediaPost, and VideoNuze. Mark holds a B.A. in Economics and Business from University College London.

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  • Douglas Wiesen
  • Account Director
  • Joule

Douglas Wiesen is an Account Director for Joule (WPP), a global full service agency focused on cross screen and mobile experiences. Joule’s roster of clients includes Dell, Paramount, NBC, and Colgate Palmolive. Previous to working at Joule, Doug led content and media strategy for owned mobile, social and editorial properties for Macy’s, Inc. Douglas holds a bachelors in Cultural Anthropology from Connecticut College and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

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Jared leads DoubleClick product and sales strategy for advertisers seeking to reach audiences in apps.

As digital media time spent continues to shift in app, this means delivering solutions for brand advertisers as much as app promotion and re-engagement advertisers.

He partners with Product Management and Sales Leadership across the Americas, EMEA and APAC to address local market dynamics.

Based in Google’s New York office, Jared has a passion for rethinking advertising so communication rings true. Jared previously held positions at Hyperknowledge (semantic web technology), AOL, and appssavvy. He is a graduate of Emory University, with a major in Economics and minor in Ethics.

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Auto Draft 13
  • Matevz Klanjsek
  • Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
  • Celtra
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  • Mihael Mikek
  • Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Celtra
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Michael Abbott

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Compas Inc.

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Yuyu Chen

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Incisivemedia, ClickZ

Gabriel Cheng

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Smart AdServer

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Empire State Development

Joanna Colvin

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Maura Connahan

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Carrie Connell

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Kiss Products, Inc.

Gloria Constanza

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Mike Coppola

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Alicia Cortes

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Lobo & Petrocine

Chris Cunningham

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Jessica Cunningham

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Aaron Dalin

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John Daly

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Jason Davis

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Brooke DeLuise

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Jennifer DeMartino

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Kirsten Dean

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Kelly Deen



Kimberlyn Dennis Smith

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Elle Destree

Knowledge Manager

LiveRail, a Facebook company

Michael DiBlasio

Mobile Solutions Consultant


Melissa Dickman

VP of Sales


John Dolan

Director of Enterprise Solutions

Rocket Fuel

Kristen Dolan

Associate Director, Activation


Ivan Doruda

Sales Director

MGID inc.

Chelsea Dubinsky

Director, Mobile Partnerships


Mary Duffy

Director, Strategic Accounts

Rocket Fuel

David Dziabis

VP Digital Agency and Mobile Sales


Sia Ea

Senior Creative Director


Kumi Ebihara

Marketplace Development


Luke Edson

VP National Markets • National Sales-Direct


Rob Eisenhardt

General Manager


Angelina Eng

VP, Platform Solutions & Activation

Merkle Inc

Jennifer Escotto

Senior Online Manager


Mallory Esperanzate

Mobile Manager

Showtime Networks Inc.

Kim Espinosa

Senior Manager

American Express

Julian Esposito

Creative Director


Daryl Evans

SVP Mobile, Media and Advertising Strategy


Jeff Feldhahn

Account Executive • Director Search


Jason Feldman

Director, MasterCard Audiences

MasterCard Advisors

Chris Feo

Sr. Director Strategic Sales


Erica Fisher

Digital Planner

The Martin Agency

Whitney Fishman Zember



Steve Florio

Strategic Partner Director


Leah Fox

Marketing Manager, Digital

E*TRADE Financial

Jaclyn Frattali

Marketing + Events Manager


Reva Friedel

Ad Ops Solutions Specialist

kelley blue book

Kerry Fritz

Associate Product Marketing Manager


Robert Frtize

Vice President of Ad Sales Strategy & Development

AccuWeather, Inc.

Jon Fusco

Media Platforms


Jennifer Gardner

Director Media Investment and Partnerships


Haskell Garon

Product Manager


Kevin Garrelick

Group Copy Supervisor


David George

Head of Mobile Apps

LiveRail, a Facebook company

Derek Geryol

Client Solutions Manager

M&C Saatchi Mobile

Bruce Ginsberg


Ginsberg Group LLC

Richy Glassberg



David Glicksman

Director, Digital Strategy

Horizon Media

Steven Gold

SVP, Global Operations

Opera Mediaworks

Steven Goldberg

Vertical Lead, Publisher Sales

LiveRail, a Facebook company

Naftali Goldsmith

Vice President, Mobile Product


Jay Greenberg

Director of Digital Marketing

Bed Bath & Beyond

Lisa Gronsky

Director, Strategic Development

Active International

Courtney Grosslight



Elias Guerra

VP, Business Development


David Gunzerath

Sr. Vice President & Associate Director

Media Rating Council

Nitin Gupta

Director, Product Marketing


Vikas Gupta

Director of Marketing


Tom Hadlock

Senior Executive

sma nyc

Carolyn Han

Associate Director, Digital Media Operations


Josiane Henrique

Business Manager

IAB Brazil

Scott Henry

Vice President, Technology


Richard Hess

Digital Coordinator

Nestle Waters North America

Jamie Hill



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Associate Media Director


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Executive Director, Digital Media


Andrew Hoffman

Vice President, Mobile Marketing


Peter Horn



Jennifer Huffman

Publisher Sales Director


Huanne Hughes

Director, Digital Marketing & Media


Lauren Hurvitz

Chief Global Communications and Brank Marketing Officer

Starcom MediaVest Group

Drew Ianni

CEO & Event Chairman

M2 Events

Nick Illobre

Associate Director, Media Capabilities


George Ivie

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director

Media Rating Council

Meghan Jacobi

Manager, Publisher Sales

Millennial Media

Brielle Jaekel

Editorial Assistant

Mobile Marketer

Gaurav Jain

Product Marketing, Mobile Ads

eBay Advertising

Rikhi Jain

Product Marketing Manager


Jema Jang

Associate Director


Erica Johnson

Supervisor, Digital Media Operations


Jeff Johnson

Director of Sales and Product Training

Time Warner Cable Media

Daisy Jones

Media Supervisor

M&C Saatchi Mobile

Jennifer Kadenkavil

Mobile Coordinator

Conde Nast

Devin Kanaley

Sales Executive


Stephanie Kang

Online Marketing Manager


David Kaplan

Managing Editor


Lisa Kaplan

Supervisor, Media Implementation

Gardner Nelson & Partners

Christopher Kappen

Digital and Media Relations Director


Harry Kargman

Founder & CEO


Emily Kaufman

Sr. Manager, Business Development


Sheldon Kawer

Account Management Director

HN Media and Marketing

John Kelly

EVP, News & DIgital Sales


Marney Kerr

Group Creative Director


Manik Khanna

Sr. Director of Business Development & Monetization


Matevz Klanjsek

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer


Kolin Kleveno

VP, Programmatic Advertising


Adam Koppelman

VP, Director of Media Trade

Active International

Meghna Kothari

Sr Events and Marketing Manager

Rocket Fuel

Xander Kotsatos

Mobile Strategy Lead, East

Rocket Fuel

Chelsey Kovel

Account Director

Millennial Media

Kim Kozma

Senior Partner, Media Director


Maile Krauss

Director, Business Development & Client Relations

Ansible, IPG

Patricia Kreuther

Regional Director, Media Solutions, East Coast

TripIt, Inc.

Kerri Krom

Research Director

Women’s Marketing Inc.

Lena Kurins

Group Director, Ad Operations

Moxie USA

Kim Kyaw

Digital Manager, LandRover

Jaguar LandRover

Gerard Lambert

Client Partner, Publisher Sales

LiveRail, a Facebook company

Elaine Lawson

Vice President, US Digital Marketing


Natalie Lee

Partner, Director


Seho Lee



Tom Leihbacher

Account Executive • Director Search


Bea Leung

Group Media Director


Alex Levin



Felicia Lewis

Senior Digital Manager

d’exposito & Partners

Chloe Liscio

Digital Marketing Intern


Patricia Lopez

Sr. Mobile Marketing Specialist


Patrice Lord

VP, Senior Manager, Integrated Investment

Universal McCann

Rachel Lowenstein

Senior Associate


Karmen Luznik

VP Marketing

Celtra Inc

Alex Magid


htc usa

Nilou Mahgerefteh

Account Executive

JUICE Mobile

Jeff Malmad

Head of Mobile and Life+


Raffi Mark

Media Planner


Zach Mazurek

Associate Portfolio Lead


Lauren McAndrews

Senior Mobile Marketing Specialist

Havas Media

Steve McClellen



Levi McConnell

Vice President


Patrick McCormack

VP, Sales

Millennial Media

Luke McCormick

Sr Account Executive

Rocket Fuel

Kathy McGrath

SVP, Director of Digital Trade

Active International

Susie Meehan McGinty

VP NBC Sports Sales Operations

NBC Sports

Chris Mejia

Director, Ad Ops

Social Reality

Kurstin Mendez

Associate Director of Product Marketing


Magali Merat

CRO, VP Midwest & East Coast Sales


Hashim Mian

Sr. Director, Mobile

Triad Retail Media / eBay

Joe Mifsud

Director, Program Management & Consulting, Digital


Joe Migliozzi

Digital Investment Lead


Miha Mikek



Barbara Miller

Senior Director, US Multicultural + LatAm

Latina Media Ventures

Craig Miller

Account Executive

Millennial Media

Kenny Miller

SVP Digital Programming and Product

Disney ABC Television Group

Jeffrey Molinaro

Business Development

Smart Ad Server

Karina Montgomery

Vice President, Strategic Sales Development


Rudy Moore

Platform Account Manager

Openx Technologies

Lauren Moores

VP, Analytics


Brian Morris

Associate Director

Millennial Media

James Mullany

Senior Analyst

Beeby Clark + Meyler

Amy Mullen

Senior Manager, Content Marketing


Kristoffer Nelson


Social Reality

Ned Newhouse

Corporate Director, Mobile

Conde Nast

Steve Nowicki

Lead Creative Technologist

Saatchi & Saatchi

Baglan Nurhan Rhymes

SVP Revenue & AdOps

AnchorFree Inc

David Nurieli

Programmatic Sales

Millennial Media

Aaron Nye

Product Manager, Mobile Advertising


Brian O’Hare

Integrated Media Supervisor


Robyn O’Riordan

Digital Media Assistant


Michael O’brien


Incisivemedia, ClickZ

James ONeill

VP, Director of Interactive Media


Sarah Oak

Director, Mobile Strategic Partnerships


B.l. Ochman


What’s Next Online

Soo Jin Oh

SVP, Data biz & Ad operations


Sasha Olivares

Senior Digital Media Planner/Buyer

d’exposito & Partners

Erica Osher

Senior Product Manager, Sponsorship


Tolu Owodunni

Senior Manager


Ravi Pahilajani

Partner, Senior Director, Digital


Bav Panchal



Kinjal Parikh

Associate Director, Digital Analytics


Joseph Park

Senior Director, Strategic Account Development

M&C Saatchi Mobile

Rachel Pasqua

Practice Lead, Mobile

MEC Global

Andrew Pearlman

Digital Trade Specialist

Active International

Jeff Perkins

Senior Account Director

Reuters TV

Morgan Petti

Associate Director, Mobile


Will Phung

VP, Media

M&C Saatchi Mobile

Pam Piccola-Fales

Director, Digital Media


Barbara Piermont

Mobile Lead – AdX


Sangeet Pillai

Group Planning Director


Chris Pirklbauer

Director of Sales


John Porter


The Prosper Group

Janet Pye

Product Owner


Rebecca Ramgren

VP Partnerships

Social Reality

John Randolph

Director of Business Development


Ramya Rangarajan

Technical Solutions Consultant


Latha Rao-Cheney

VP, Local Sales & Category Development

Digital First Media

David Read


Marketing Manager

Katherine Reyes



Kim Reyes

Account Executive


Michael Rice

Managing Director

Track One Capital Services

Tracy Richards



Laura Ries

Media Supervisor


Darren Riley

Senior Vice President, Director International Media

Active International

Phil Ripperger

SVP Business Development, Products

IPG Mediabrands

Ricardo Rivera

Associate Director of Media Services

Merkle INC

Doug Robinson



Mark Rogers

Senior Digital Project Manager

Nestle Waters North America

Nicole Rohrmann

Manager, Global Brand Media

NetJets, Inc.

Caitlin Romig

Digital Media Manager

Rosetta Stone

Barrie Rosen

Director of Communications


Angie Ruggiero

Sr. Manager, Publisher Business Development


Meg Ryan

Senior Account Director


David Sable

Global Chief Executive Officer


Tal Salomon

Director, Gardiner and Partners


Alex Samuely

Editorial Assistant

Mobile Marketer

David Sanderson

VP, Creative Strategy & Operations


David Sandoval

VP Strategy


Jessica Sanfratello

Account Planner


Kevin Schaum

Director of Mobile Operations


Allison Schiff



Jonathan Schwartz

Head of Business Development

LIN Mobile

Paul Sciaraffo

Associate, Marketplace Development

Magna Global

Heather Sears

VP Marketing


Michael Sebastian


Advertising Age

Vin Sehgal

Lead E-Commerce Manager

Riedel Crystal

Steve Senkarik

Mobile Video Operations Manager


Ritesh Sethi

Manager, Business Development

Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Josh Shabati

Creative Director

IPG Media Lab

Michal Shapira

SVP CNN integrated Marketing

Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Pamela Shen

General Manager, Premium Network


Isaac Showman

Founder, Managing Director

Reuters TV

Jenna Silver

Director, Ad Sales Marketing

Univision Communications Inc.

Devon Smith

VP Client Services

Celtra Inc

Wendi Smith

Managing Director, Agency Communications & Content


Margaret Southwell

Digital Account Executive


Shauna Spangenberg

Manager, eCommerce.


Nicole Spector

Associate Editor


Kia Stora


Matchflow Media LLC

Grant Stratemeyer

SVP, Business Development


Glen Straub

Director, Business Development


Peter Suhr

Digital Account Services Manager

LoBo & Petrocine Marketing

Marie Svet

Chief Revenue Officer

AccuWeather, Inc.

Neil Sweeney

President and CEO

JUICE Mobile

Esther Tak

Director, Digital Media

Active International

Todd Taplin

EVP of Global Strategy, Sales and Services


Julienne Thompson

Vice President, Programmatic Business

Millennial Media

Kirt Thomson

General Manager, New Platforms Organization


Brad Thorson

Publisher Relations


Ken Todd

VP, Digital Content Syndication & Mobile Development

Showtime Networks Inc.

Chantal Tode

Senior Editor

Mobile Marketer

Virginia Tonning

Senior Media Buyer

Schneider Electric

Melinda Toscano

Account Director


Faye Trapani

Associate Portfolio Lead


Mark Trefgarne

Co-Founder, LiveRail

Product Director, Facebook

David Treier

Marketing Director

Anthem, Inc.

Chris Trice



Sibel Trice

Group Planning Director, Digital

Maxus Global

Michael Tuminello

Director, Product


Amy Unrau

Account Director


Al Urbanski

Senior Writer

Direct Marketing News

Alison Vacovec

Director, Agency Sales East

Celtra Inc

Mike Valentin

Partner, Senior Director, Digital


James Vanié


Ayni Brigade

Peter Vasilakos

VP, Operations


Dean Vegliante

General Manager


Emilee Walch

Senior Manager

Client Strategy and Service

Eric Wallace

Regional Media Strategy Manager – North and Latin America

Schneider Electric

Eric Warburton

Director, Ad Operations

Horizon Media

Kevin Wassong


LIN Mobile

David Weinroth

VP Sales, East


Julie Weitzner

VP, Agency Development


Doug Wiesen

Account Director


Eric Wilson

Co-founder/Managing Director


Jessica Wilson

Associate Director, Mobile Demand


Cezara Windrem

Sr. Product Manager, Media


Patricia Wintermuth

Sr. Director, Product Marketing


Matthias Wolf

Account Executive, National Sales-Direct


Victoria Wong

Technology Consultant


Hannah Wright

Advertising Operations Manager

Oxford Dictionaries -Oxford University Press

Juliana Wu

Publisher Platform Sales


Tom Xenos

Vice President, Research


Wes Young

Media Supervisor


Mike Yuen

Digital Marketing Manager


Warren Zenna

EVP Managing Director US

Havas Media / Mobext

Emily Zhong

Connections Associate


Claudio Zibenberg

Media Manager


Jared Zlotnick

Global Mobile Strategy Lead


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