IAB 2018 Audio Day: Audio Strategies for Advertisers

New York, NY · 04.12.17
1:30 pm EST - 5:00 pm EST


Invited brand and agency marketers filled the Green Space at WNYC in NYC’s Soho on Thursday April 12th for an afternoon focused on Digital Audio. The program, “Audio Strategies for Advertisers” centered on key issues facing marketers today, and solutions offered by Digital Audio platforms. Topics discussed included Digital Audio advertising case studies, research presentations and smart discussions on the neuroscience of audio advertising, creating effective audio campaigns, viewability/audibility and brand safety in digital audio, audio’s opportunity with smart speakers, and best practices for excellent audio campaigns. The day began with a presentation by IAB SVP of Industry Initiatives Anna Bager on The Power of Audio and ended with a reception for speakers and attendees.

Watch Video Highlights from the 2018 IAB Audio Day:

Opening Remarks/The Power of Audio
Anna Bager, IAB
2018 is the year of Audio! Hear about exciting trends in digital audio this year.
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The Neuroscience of Audio
Pranav Yadav, CEO Neuro – Insight
Decision making takes place in the unconscious and understanding how to harness that is a critical element of a good marketing strategy. Hear what role sound plays in all of this. How can brands optimize their audio strategy for maximum impact?
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Advertiser Perspectives, Veritone
Bart Roselli, VP Media Operations, Veritone & Hal Trencher, SVP, WNYC
Digital Audio Advertising offers advantages for marketers looking to impact an increasingly busy media landscape. Where are the opportunities? Hear ad strategies that can have meaningful impact.
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Creating Effective Audio Campaigns
Mark McCrery, Founder and President, Authentic and Podtrac; Doug Keith, President, Future Research Consulting; & Amy Rappo, Group Communications Strategy Director, Droga 5
Ad research shows that digital audio advertising and podcasts deliver high impact for brand awareness and consideration, while direct response advertisers know it increases sales. Learn how to expand digital audio for your brand, develop innovative creative to maximize impact, and capture performance metrics to scale the channel.
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Viewability/Audibility and Brand Safety in Digital Audio
Les Hollander, Global Head of Ad Product & Partner Sales, Spotify; Kristina Lutz President of Starcom Media Investments; Paige Joe Bihlmier, American Express Mgr of US Media; Tom Kershaw, CTO, Rubicon Project.
Digital Audio can be a uniquely brand safe environment for ad investments. This panel of experts will examine digital audio’s strengths in this regard, emphasizing digital audio as both a standalone ad opp and a compliment to other media.
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Advertiser Perspectives EXPRESS
Patrice Croci, VP Brand Marketing, EXPRESS; Priscilla Valls, VP Agency, Advertiser, & Industry Development, Pandora
Experiences, insights, and best practices in executing digital audio campaign strategies to reach, connect, and engage with customers n a connected world.
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Smart Speakers: Audio’s Opportunity
Meg Goldthwaite, CMO, NPR; Tom Webster, VP, Edison Research; Abbey Klaassen, Chief Marketing Officer, 360i; Zak Treuhaft, President, Hearts and Sciences
The adoption of smart speakers in the home is driving a swell in use of voice assistants throughout the entire day – for everything from listening to podcasts to making dinner reservations. This shift means brands need to be clear with their messaging and call to action. This session will examine how brands are navigating this new voice–activated space. How can brands and agencies prepare to think more in sound?
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Best Practices for Excellent Audio Campaigns and Closing Remarks
Rahul Sabnis, Executive Creative Director, iHeartMedia
When it comes to Audio, creative is the name of the game. During this final session you’ll hear several examples of creative that wins, and come away with strong tips for your Audio marketing game.
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