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Blockchain for Video – Business Working Group Meeting

Jan 17 2018

IAB Members Only


      Blockchain, best known at this point in the context of financial markets, is the technology underpinning bitcoin, essentially a massive shared excel sheet with many innovative uses. While synonymous with crypto-currency, new transactional use cases are emerging for block chain, including the buying and selling of media (in particular for OTT/Connected TV inventory).

      At this working group meeting on January 17th from 3 to 5 pm ET, we will discuss what blockchain is as well as review what the major opportunities and challenges are with utilizing the technology in the media space.

      The IAB Video Center has also been working on compiling a 4 to 5 page document (based on the perspectives from various media players that are exploring/experimenting blockchain) to provide a snapshot of the OTT blockchain market. We will be soliciting feedback on this document.