Committee & Council Meeting - Remote

Advanced TV Attribution Working Group Call

Jul 18 2018


      Join us for the kick-off meeting of the Advanced TV Attribution Working Group on Wednesday, July 18th from 3 to 5 pm ET.

      The Advanced TV space represents an enormously booming sector of the video industry. With connected devices now penetrating 74% of all U.S. households and addressable TV advertising available in approximately 64 million households, the reach potential cannot be ignored. The traditional TV viewing experience is now being enhanced by digital capabilities and an infusion of data, which impacts both user experience as well as the consumer insights and targeting capabilities that are available for advertisers.

      The goal of this working group is to create a buyer’s guide describing the process, the opportunities, and the challenges in this field.  By focusing on how attribution can now be measured across Connected TVs and Addressable TV/VOD, we can provide media buyers an educational foundation that allows them to invest more in this space—and do it correctly.

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      This buyer’s guide will address many topics including:

      • How can marketers measure and conduct attribution in this new space?
      • Is it fair to look at the data through a strictly digital or linear-TV lens?
      • This space is truly a hybrid of the two, so what metrics make the most sense?
      • How can attribution be mapped back to these ads in a space where cookies aren’t utilized?
      • How important is the role of data?
      • We welcome member companies of all types to join and share their point of views and perspectives.