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AdTech in Blockchain: It’s Working!

May 7 2019

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      SOLD OUT!


      Join IAB Tech Lab on May 7th in NYC for our Open Forum AdTech in Blockchain: It’s Working to see how blockchain technology is being deployed in digital advertising. This is the latest edition in our series of events to educate the industry on blockchain technology and its application. In this event we will focus on what is working today with product demonstrations from AdNode, AdEx, Freckle, RTBAsia, and SRAX. The panel discussions will dive deep into key topics like cryptocurrency or coins use in adtech, cryptography and how it can support transparency and authentication in adtech transactions, and how blockchain brings efficiency in reconciling campaign data. We will also present updates on blockchain working group initiatives including the Transparency Primer, PrivacyChain and Network Pilot results along with updates on industry and regulatory environment.


      AdTech in Blockchain: It's Working! 2

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