Training - NYC, Ad Lab - 116 East 27th St. 8th Floor
Aug 13, 2024 / 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST


      Learn all about the Ad Creative ID Framework, the VAST CTV Addendum, and the brave new world of ad formats and interactivity in CTV. Before we move on to build a better ecosystem of cross-platform video ad placement and measurement, we need to “get the small things right.” Learn how adjusting your workflow for labeling your ad media for TV environments can save you time and resources, protect the brands of the campaigns you run, and better measure performance. This is a free event held at th... Read More
      This is a free event held at the IAB Ad Lab. With limited capacity, we’ll first open registration to companies who are committed to implementing VAST CTV Addendum 2024 and Ad Creative ID Framework.

      About the Venue

      IAB, Ad Lab
      116 EAST 27TH ST. 8TH FLOOR
      New York, New York 10016