IAB 2017 NewFronts Insights Lunch Highlights

IAB 2017 NewFronts Insights Lunch Highlights

New York, NY · 05.10.17
12:00 pm EST - 3:00 pm EST

IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch 24
On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, senior marketers, agency executives, research professionals, and reporters attended the 5th annual IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch held at the IAB Ad Lab. For this special invite-only event, IAB curated research from industry leaders that took a deep dive into the behavior of digital video consumers and how video ads move them.

As the NewFronts entered its second week, the research presented at the IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch proved that advertising on video content channels works. Attendees walked away with actionable ideas on how to make advertising across digital and mobile video properties break through.  Advertisers were shown the importance of considering the format, the consumer and how to reach and engage with them emotionally.

IAB 2017 NewFronts Research:


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Presentations include:

IAB Introduction:

Chris Kuist, Senior Vice President, Research and Impact, IAB
Kristina Sruoginis, Research Director, IAB



Unruly: The New It Crowd: How to Emotionally Engage Parents Online

Devra Prywes, SVP, Marketing and Insights, Unruly

Parents are a sought-after crowd. With more than $200 billion in spending potential, the power to influence the next generation of spenders, and a need to buy an increased assortment of goods and services, parents are one of the most influential demographics to target. In this presentation, we’ll take a deep dive in new research from Unruly’s Parents Playbook that pulls data from more than 1 million people we’ve tested around the world and provide actionable tips to engage this audience.

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Receptiv: Emotionally Attached: How Brands are Utilizing Contextual and Emotionally Targeted Mobile Experiences to Drive Attention, Receptivity, and Brand Equity Metrics

Richard Kosinski, President & Global CRO, Receptiv

Billions of dollars are being invested in mobile video as the next platform to engage users and drive business metrics, but are campaigns actually engaging users or being swiped right? In this session, Receptiv debuts its latest neuromarketing research to help brands answer critical mobile advertising questions such as: What kind of human attention does my mobile video campaign garner? How do we measure user receptivity and impact? Which mobile executions ensure mental encoding and consideration? What’s the “Race to X” factor that plagues most mobile advertising today, and how do we prevent it from happening?

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ShareThrough: The Role of Native Video in the Path to Purchase
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Native Video is the fastest growing format within the Native ad category, but yet little data has been published about how native video advertising actually impacts the consumer path to purchase. This presentation will present, for the first time, results from a yearlong set of research studies focused on the impact of native video advertising campaigns on the consumer journey and their purchases, curating results from studies across brand lift, online search lift, and in-store traffic.

RocketFuel: Challenge and Opportunity: Connecting TV and Digital


Jon Stewart, Senior Director, Marketing – Rocket Fuel
Cara Kantrowitz, Director, Client Consulting – Nielsen

Rocket Fuel, in partnership with Nielsen, will present original research and case studies that showcase how consumers react to and interact with video content and advertising. As media consumption patterns change, marketers are presented with new opportunities and risks. Rocket Fuel will explain the extent to which digital campaigns can balance reach and frequency across screens. Rocket Fuel will unpack the data to clearly outline the optimal digital solution.

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Photos from the 2017 IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch and Interviews with the Presenters on Beet.TV (below)