The Next Big Thing in Audio

The Next Big Thing in Audio 1

Screenless devices are seeing exponential growth across households throughout the U.S. This growth not only disrupts how brands approach their typical marketing plans but provokes them to take action in order to capitalize on the emerging market. Brands who don’t educate themselves on the screenless device marketplace could be significantly missing out on reaching new and untapped audiences and/or risk losing relevance in an ever-growing cluttered space of brands and advertisements.

Such a new and rapidly growing ecosystem allows for brands to find unique and creative ways to reach the expanding screenless audience. Brand messages that prioritize audio will become more effective than visual ones. This represents a prime opportunity for marketers to confidently reach a new segment of consumers with the deep engagement and intrinsic brand safety that audio offers.

For marketers to make the most effective investments, it is essential to understand what these emerging devices are, how they are used and what their benefits are across the consumer experience, activating campaigns, creative formats, and measurement criteria.

IAB’s Audio Committee convened a working group of leaders across the audio ecosystem, including from Spotify, Chartable, DAX, iHeartMedia, Mindshare, NPR, Pandora and Rubicon Project, to take a deeper look at opportunities for marketers and to make recommendations for investing in this rapidly growing segment.

In particular, by looking at each device on its own merit, truly actionable guidance is offered on their unique, individual benefits, and what makes each one an effective channel. It is key to account for each device’s creative considerations, measurement capabilities, and impact on user experience. Mastering these will ensure investments in audio are maximized in their effectiveness and open a new channel to reach new and deeply engaged audiences.

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