IAB Ups Their Game for the IAB NexGen Marketing Conference – Literally!

IAB Ups Their Game for the IAB NexGen Marketing Conference – Literally! 7

In a mobile-first world, brands and their agencies are constantly seeking new ways to engage with their consumers in more organic and respectful ways.  And as the leading digital advertising trade organization, IAB is no different than any other brand seeking to break through the clutter and capture attention with their intended target audience.

That’s why, in advance of the IAB NexGen Marketing Conference on June 5, IAB is putting its money where its mouth is by promoting the event with a fun, engaging and truly mobile-first playable ad designed to generate interest and drive event registrations.

As will be described in the new IAB Playable Ads for Brands Playbook that will launch the day of the NexGen Conference, playable ads combine interactivity – all the core mobile gestures like touch, swipe, flip and tap – with gamification to enable full-funnel marketing brand communication. In an HTML5 format, downloading is not required to play and interact with the ad, and with MRAID pre-caching, the ad loads immediately minimizing disruption to the consumer experience. The new Playbook, created by a working group from the IAB Games Committee , will provide a comprehensive overview of playable ads including benefits, creative options, and how to buy and measure.  This effort is part of a larger priority theme from the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence to keep the drumbeat on truly mobile-first marketing experiences that put the consumer first.

In this playable ad, created by IAB members TreSensa/Theorem, players are in control of a branded IAB speed racer car. The racer cruises along a highway road, where a glowing NexGen Marketing Conference cityscape can be seen on the horizon. In front of the city, a billboard reads “You’re on the Road to IAB NexGen.” Players will swipe their phone screen to switch lanes and pickup ROI “coins” along their journey, while avoiding obstacles like ad blockers, bots and fraud that can cause damage to the vehicle and slow down their ride. Players can drive through Data Hotspot power-ups for a speed boost. At the end of the ad, players see an end card with IAB NexGen logo and event details. A primary call-to-action button drives players to the IAB NexGen event landing page to register. A secondary button lets racers start the game over.

Play the IAB Nexgen Marketing Conference playable ad now on your mobile device now! (Click image to play the full experience)

IAB Ups Their Game for the IAB NexGen Marketing Conference – Literally! 2

Join us at the IAB Nexgen Marketing Conference – June 5, NYC

The IAB NexGen Marketing Conference is a first-of-its kind event that will bring together thought leaders to discuss how modern marketers are utilizing data, mobile, and video-driven marketing strategies to increase consumer engagement and accelerate business growth.  Attendees can pick and choose among the many content tracks of greatest interest to them and will walk away with truly actionable insights.  Sessions include:

  • AI Transformation in Marketing
  • Consumer Data Rights and the Future of First- and Third-Party Data
  • The Rise of Immersive Storytelling through AR
  • The Future of Data Driven Video
  • In-app and Mobile Web Advertising:  Striking the right balance
  • The Audio-First Consumer in an On-Demand World
  • TV Meets Digital: How, Where, and Why
  • How Emerging Ad Formats Impact the Delivery of Consumer Messaging
  • OTT Goes Local
  • The Opportunities of In-Housing Programmatic
  • Content to Commerce: Social Selling and Affiliate Marketing
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy playing the playable ad and hope to see you at IAB NexGen Marketing Conference on June 5. Race on!

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Susan Borst
Head of Social and Content Marketing Solutions
at IAB