IAB NexGen Marketing Conference Highlights: Video Takeaways

IAB NexGen Marketing Conference Recap: Video

Convergence is here: It’s time to break down the silos

Convergence of linear and digital is not a future state concept. It is here whether the industry is ready for it or not. Dan Brackett, CTO of Extreme Reach, stated that we all need to move into one video world. He said when you think about the Latin roots of the world television, it is perfect for everything we are talking about (“tele” means far off and “vision” means something seen in the imagination). From a content standpoint, there are more similarities than differences and it should be the same from the buying and selling perspective. 52% of media buyers say that buying of linear and digital video is now combined and . . .

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Eric John
Senior Director, Media Center
at IAB

Nina Munoz
Director, Media Center
at IAB

Brian Schwartz
Director, Video Center of Excellence
at IAB