IAB NexGen Marketing Conference Highlights: Data Takeaways

IAB NexGen Marketing Conference Recap: Video

Legacy Brand Steps into a Big Idea that was always there: When Brand Equity Makes a Difference

Implementing a 4-C approach Culture, Category, Consumer and Company, Cadillac reinvented its brand based on legacy elements that were always there. Cadillac’s approach to reinvention tells a tale of data detail and consumer equity that matters most to their core consumer. Some may say Cadillac is one of America’s first and most consistent aspirational brands. This iconic US auto brand recently leaned into its history taking data and previous overlooked iconography into the 21 Century with an ad campaign the relied on their differentiating factor- Earnership. That’s right, Cadillac has always represented achievement. At 2019’s Oscar’s . . .

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Joe Pilla
Director, Data & Automation
at IAB