Advertisers of the West: Tressie Lieberman, Chipotle

Advertisers of the West: Tressie Lieberman, Chipotle

Writing Jingles

In junior high my friends and I would have contests to make up jingles. I thought it would be fun to write ads.

Switching Paths

At the University of Texas I realized that I was not going to go down the copywriter path, so I switched my focus to account management and media.

Chasing my Dream

My first full-time job was at Ogilvy & Mather where I got to realize a dream of living in New York and working in advertising.

Going Client Side

When we would pitch ideas there would be reasons why the client thought they wouldn’t work. I wanted to know more about the business side, and I made the move to join Pizza Hut in marketing.

Going Digital

All at once, the small digital marketing team left to go to another company, and I got the opportunity to move into digital based on my advertising experience. I leveraged the shift in technology and launched initiatives like the first restaurant ordering app.

Another First

In my next job at Taco Bell I got to drive culture by revamping the social strategy, building their first e-commerce app and launching an incubator to experiment with new ways of engaging customers through efforts like delivery.

Food & Technology

I was obsessed with Chipotle before I joined and I would eat it at least once a month. I now have it twice a week. You could say I have a deep passion for food and a great appreciation for technology.

My Go-To Order

One of the initiatives I worked on was our Lifestyle Bowls, exclusive to digital ordering. You can get composed entrees such as Keto or Vegan Bowl. The Paleo bowl is one of my go to orders.

Relationships are Everything

The right relationships help us achieve really big, almost impossible things. I can’t imagine doing my job or living my life without putting relationships first across the board.

Going Deeper

The NewFronts give you a chance to go deeper one-on-one. You can truly dig into topics, so I’m looking forward to that.

Newport Beach

Working and living here definitely feels like a vacation because it’s just so beautiful. I always joke that I should work on the tourism board for Orange County.

LA Inspiration

I think the vibe in LA is like no other. There are so many different cultures coming together, and so much happening when it comes to fashion and food.

As Good as it Gets

I have a three year old, so sitting alone on the beach is a rare occasion. When I can do that it is an immediate transformation. I think the ocean is as good as it gets.


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