Advertisers of New York: Daniel Cox, Harmelin Media

Advertisers of New York: Daniel Cox, Harmelin Media 2

Scripts & Sitcoms

I wanted to work in the movies in some form, as a writer or editor, or a TV writer. I always wanted to write sitcoms.

Funny vs. Effective

In high school I liked the idea of being able to create advertising but it was more about thinking I could do funny things. I didn’t think if they would actually sell anything.

A Sensible Start

I majored in accounting and I did financial statement auditing for three years. I never had a passion for it, but I thought I should do something sensible.

A New Plan

I got a job in TV planning and media buying and thought I would eventually cross over to production, but I actually liked what I did enough to stick with it. When digital started evolving I switched over to that side and now I do a lot of cross-screen planning.

Knowing What You Don’t Know

NewFronts make my job harder in a way because it reminds me that there’s so much out there that I don’t know. But it also makes it easier because they inform me about the most recent developments in digital, and especially in video.

Crossing Channels

I’ve seen a lot about solutions for cross-channel planning, cross-channel measurement, trying to figure out what combination of TV, OTT and addressable TV to use, and then how to measure if that is impacting a brand.

Measuring Success

I’m still seeing more questions than answers, but I at least get ideas for different ways to try and go about measuring success.


Each network is trying to sell themselves as an individual video on demand app the way that Netflix and Hulu have. Just looking at how they’re all trying to play in different spaces and kind of converging on each other is a theme I’m seeing.

Walking & Eating NY

I like to walk along the High Line when I’m here. I love food, so whenever I get here I try to make it over to Chelsea Market and walk and eat a little bit.

We Are the Same

I think that the people in Philly and New York are very similar. You have that same toughness. You just have to understand that there’s a certain friendliness in the collective unfriendliness.

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