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Restructured IAB Data, Automation, Measurement Committees to Tackle Industry Challenges

During a committee/council meeting on April 3rd, we announced significant changes to the way IAB groups are organized around the critical areas of data, automation/programmatic, and measurement. The Data Council, Programmatic Council, and Performance Marketing Committee will be discontinued and will be folded into six new topical committees, under the umbrellas of Data and Ad Effectiveness, each of which will have a board to provide guidance.

Data committees:

  • Identity & Audience Data
  • Data Benchmarks & Activation

Ad Effectiveness committees:

  • Measurement & Attribution
  • Buying Automation
  • Selling Automation
  • Consumer Experience

The new structure is intended to reflect the importance that these topic areas now have in the businesses of IAB member companies, especially as the industry evolves across mobile and other platforms, embraces video, and continues to seek automation opportunities. We specifically want to address these critical initiatives, which are based on input from IAB members:

  • Consumer identity standards and services, to improve a foundational enabler of targeting, personalization, measurement, and attribution  and consumer privacy
  • Data quality standards, to enable meaningful assessment of quality across providers
  • Data market sizing and other efforts to facilitate benchmarking at the industry and organizational levels
  • Measurement guidance and attribution best practices, to reduce complexity, misaligned incentives, and friction in the market
  • Automation (formerly known as “programmatic”) clarity and best practices, to promote transparency and brand safety, and support growth

Our goal with these changes is to streamline and focus IAB work on key marketplace needs and provide clear connection points for members to contribute and learn. The new groups will lead or coordinate relevant projects across channels/platforms, formats, and other IAB groups, notably including Mobile, Video, Tech Lab, Research, and Public Policy.

If you have been a member of the Data Council, Programmatic Council, and/or Performance Marketing Committee, or you are interested in being actively involved in any of the new committees going forward, we ask that you sign up, watch for communications, attend events, and join working groups that will be launched in the coming weeks and beyond.

It’s a pivotal moment in our industry – when we can either pretend it’s “business as usual” or recognize that we’ve reached a level of scale, complexity, and risk (to advertisers’ reputations, publishers’ ability to sustain their businesses, and consumers’ receptivity to advertising) that requires meaningful changes. We’re looking forward to tackling some of the biggest challenges with you…

Contact [email protected] for more information.


Dennis Buchheim
Former President
at IAB Tech Lab