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IAB & Tech Lab Support American Democracy

How We Can Help Make Change Happen 1

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and the IAB Tech Lab share the fears of our diverse staff and membership that the democratic principles underlying the Constitutional basis of republican government in the United States are under assault. Powerful individuals, groups, and some Government officials are disenfranchising African-Americans and other minority groups, suppressing voting rights, inciting local police to harm citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, and promoting violence against the press. Rather than simply condemn these actions, we encourage our staff and members to work to further American democracy. Accordingly, we are giving the entire staff of the IAB and the Tech Lab up to two days of paid time off per month between now and Election Day – November 3, 2020 – to work on a political or social campaign of their choice, for candidates of any party or causes that reflect their personal values and beliefs. We hope this pro bono effort by the IAB team will help improve civic discourse, generate more participation in worthy causes, and effect meaningful, lasting change in the United States of America.