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IAB Submits Comments to the California Attorney General on the Proposed CCPA Regulations

On December 6th, IAB submitted comments to the California Office of the Attorney General (AG) in response to the AG’s proposed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations. In particular, IAB highlighted specific provisions of the proposed regulations that should be updated or clarified to further consumer choice and privacy and enable businesses to comply with the law. IAB looks forward to working with the AG on developing final regulations to interpret the CCPA. Highlights from IAB’s comments include:

  • A request for additional clarity on the concept of “household” and a request for instructions on how businesses can reasonably comply with household data requests.
  • A request that the AG remove the requirement for businesses to honor browser plugins or settings.
  • A request that the AG update the proposed service provider limitations to conform with the permissible business purposes enumerated in the text of the CCPA.
  • A request that the AG remove the requirement to treat deletion requests as requests to opt-out of the sale of personal information if a requestor’s identity cannot be verified.
  • A request that businesses may rely on signed attestations that a consumer was given notice of personal information sale and an opportunity to opt-out only, and need not obtain samples of the notices that were provided to consumers, retain them, or make them available to consumers upon request.

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