IAB Serving the New York City Community

IAB Serving the New York City Community
IAB Serving the New York City Community
IAB Serving the New York City Community

As an organization, the IAB works hard to give our members the opportunity to come together and work in unison to address issues facing the digital media and marketing industry.  With that in mind, we brought that sentiment in house for our very own team. We decided to provide an opportunity for our employees to work together towards a common goal that goes beyond the servicing of our members and the needs of our organization. The IAB Volunteer Day was born of this notion.  It is important as an organization that we build stronger internal relationships, we used a project focused on giving back to the local community to facilitate that goal. Volunteerism also has many mental and physical health benefits and we want to invest in our employees by providing these type of opportunities. Below are three different perspectives from IAB team members.

Anna Bager, EVP of Industry Initiatives, IAB 

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There is something about working toward a singular goal that can really unify a team. That’s what I saw as the IAB family worked together to help clean up Riverside Park. People unafraid to get their hands dirty and help clean up a little patch of New York. From weeding, to edging, and even shoreline clean up, everyone on the IAB team put in their share of hard work.

I’ve worked at IAB for 7 years and I’m really proud of how the team has grown together beyond all the great work. There is more and more happening outside of our East 27th street office, from bowling to yoga, all of which is fun, but the volunteer program had us working together in a completely new way. Allowing me to see a different side to those I work side by side with day in and day out.

No matter what level, age or experience; this effort mirrored the efforts we make for the interactive community every day. While we step away from our daily concerns, we built stronger bonds across all functionalities within our organization. The hope is the hard work and effort IAB put in on Monday will help Riverside Park continue to serve as a clean and safe place for the New York City community.

Megan Hauck, Senior Director, Foundation, IAB Education Foundation

My name is Megan Hauck and I am part of the IAB Education Foundation team. Philanthropy and volunteerism are near and dear to my heart and having the opportunity to make a daily social impact is part of the reason I love working for IAB.

The first-ever IAB Volunteer Day sent us to Riverside Park on West 68th Street. In conjunction with NY Cares and the Riverside Park Conservancy, the NYC IAB office headed uptown on a sunny afternoon to clean up the Hudson River shoreline, weed flower beds, and hedge the walkways.

The goal was to beautify a park that is enjoyed by many residents and tourists. I joined the shoreline clean-up group and we worked in teams to pick up all the styrofoam and other trash that was discarded or washed up on the rocks. It was sad to see so much litter in the rocks along the river bed and in the Hudson. While cleaning the park makes it aesthetically pleasing, it also helps the ecosystem, saving birds, plants, and other wildlife and keeps our community thriving. What I liked most about the day was getting to know my colleagues outside of the confines of the office.  I loved hearing stories  about family, kids, where to live in NYC, and funny anecdotes.

As a manager, I viewed IAB Volunteer Day as a team-building exercise. We self-selected into various groups based on the activity instead of by IAB team. It allowed us to meet and get to know colleagues throughout the organization and also see people’s personalities and skill sets in action.  Research shows that volunteering is a great way to motivate teams and individuals, mainly because it builds leadership skills and strengthens engagement. Not everyone wants to or feels comfortable going to a bar for networking receptions, and volunteering is an alternative way to network and meet people. Plus, it removes the barriers of title and department, and allows employees to get to know one another in a neutral setting.

All in all, volunteer day confirmed yet again that this is one smart, talented group of people. I can’t wait for the next IAB Volunteers Day. It was truly an amazing experience and I think the sentiment was felt by all.

Marshall Chu, Operations Intern, IAB

The opportunity to give back is something that I always love. The feeling and the experience of giving back to society, especially to the place you love, is incomparable. However, this time, the volunteering event that I participated in as part of the IAB family has reached the next level. On Monday, IAB partnered with New York Cares on revitalizing Riverside Park. When we were assigned to edge, weed out grass, and clean up the park, you could easily see the love and energy IAB brought to the project. Everyone volunteered to take on all kinds of tasks and I saw people were having fun even though the sun was scorching and we were doing physical work. This really brought us closer to each other.

The event lasted approximately three hours, but the gain was definitely more than that. When I was weeding, I thought of the very first day I joined IAB as an intern. It is unbelievably that I could have this opportunity to work with IAB, not only in the office but outside as well. I really appreciate having the opportunity to give back to the community during office hours. In fact, I would like to especially thank Jeanie, who conducted this meaningful volunteer event. I also want to shout-out to everyone who volunteered on that day. The effort and the dedication make me so proud of being part of the IAB family. We not only reinvigorated the park, but also became closer to one another. I will never forget this experience and I look forward to the next volunteering event. IAB, we rock!

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