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IAB Mexico and PwC Mexico Internet Communication Investment Study

IAB Mexico and PwC Mexico present the 11th edition of the Internet Communication Investment Study.

For the eleventh consecutive year, IAB México releases the Internet Communication Investment Study, developed by PwC México, which analyzes the evolution of Internet communication based on the advertising patterns in Display, Search and Classifieds, as well as the Digital services reported by agencies and publishers, covering results for the total of 2016.

Some insights from the study:

• In 2016, digital advertising investment in Mexico grew 28%, surpassing $ 19 billion pesos.

• Digital led the growth to total advertising investment and represented 24% of the media mix.

• Social and Video gain ground between display formats, with an increase of 60% and 59% respectively.

• Programmatic purchase acquires more relevance in Mexico, representing a third of the digital agenda.

• Digital services offered by agencies and publishers grow primarily in content production.

Download Full Study

To request an extended version of the study, available to IAB Mexico members only, email [email protected]

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