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The IAB Digital Video Glossary

Digital Video Glossary 1

Each year, after a careful selection process, new words are added to the English dictionary based on society’s changing vocabulary. Consistent meanings and definitions for those words are necessary for effective communication and understanding. That need is the same in digital video where new terms are created with increasing frequency. Some terms, like Television, stick. Others, like LaserDisc, become more obscure. But as new terms arise, the industry bears a responsibility to provide consistent meanings and definitions. The IAB Digital Video Glossary is an undertaking to do just that.

The Digital Video Glossary is not a one-time undertaking, but the beginning of an ongoing effort to keep the video industry on the same page with respect to the lexicon of terms used in business and communication. Some of the included terms will look familiar and well-established while other terms are young and will likely evolve. As technology advances, it’s impossible to know how the vocabulary will change in breadth of terms or in frequency of use. The efforts of the Digital Video Glossary working group will continue with the goal of providing a reference aimed at improving communication and efficiency while reducing the improper use of terminology. Thank you to all IAB members who participated in this update of the glossary and all members are encouraged to participate in future efforts to keep this industry document relevant.

View the Digital Video Glossary