IAB Italy Ad Blocking White Paper

IAB UK Reveals Latest Ad Blocking Behaviour 1

The first and foremost objective of this white paper is to provide a defined framework of this growing phenomenon in order to understand the size and the impact it has on the Italian market; the second objective is to promote a culture of attention for the end user and ultimately support the market players to incite good behavior for the entire industry.

In Italy, 25% to 30% of the online population uses Ad Blocker causing heavy revenue losses to all market players: IAB Italy through this white paper wants to help end users understand that the value of chain of online advertising, managed and delivered in a proper and noninvasive way by market players.

“We strongly believe that the key to addressing the phenomenon of Ad Blocking – and to encourage the growth of the entire industry – is to put the user at the center of every strategic decision,”  said Carlo Noseda , President of IAB Italy . “this is why our association is committed to building a virtuous path that allows, thanks to “good online advertising, ” the growth id content, quality services, and added value, which will ensure mutual satisfaction.”

Download the paper (in Italian)