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IAB Europe report: AdEx Benchmark 2015 Full Report

IAB Europe: New Library Illustrates Strategic Opportunity for Programmatic Advertising

The AdEx Benchmark 2015 report reveals some of the key milestones of the last ten years culminating in this year’s market value of 36.4bn surpassing the 33.3bn European TV market for the first time. With an increase of 13.0% in 2015, online advertising recorded its sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth. All 27 participating markets recorded positive growth. Twenty of these markets grew double-digit for the second year running (three markets recording 30%+ growth, a further nine showing 20%+ growth and a further eight 10%+ growth).

Top 10 Rankings – year-on-year growth

  • Ireland – 29.0%
  • Bulgaria – 22.3%
  • Poland – 21.8%
  • Slovenia – 21.6%
  • Slovakia – 20.4%
  • Sweden – 20.0%
  • Turkey – 19.7%
  • Switzerland – 18.7%
  • Croatia – 18.2%
  • Spain – 18.0%

Digital again drove the overall advertising industry, its 13.0% increase balancing a larger decline of 4.1% registered by other media to arrive at a positive 1.0% growth overall for the total advertising industry against a background of continued low GDP growth.

IAB Europe report: AdEx Benchmark 2015 Full Report


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