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Global Ad Blocking Studies

IAB UK Reveals Latest Ad Blocking Behaviour 1

The IAB Global Network is providing a collection of international studies on ad blocking:

IAB Romania | Ad Blocking in Romania
March 2017

IAB Australia | Ad Blocking: The Consumers Perspective and Infographic
November 2016

IAB Germany / BVDW | Ad Blocker Rate Continues to Decline (German)
November 2016

IAB Italy | Ad Blocking in Italy
September 2016

IAB Poland | Ad Blocking in Poland
September 2016

IAB Europe | Striking a DEAL is not illegal in the EU
June 2016

IAB Canada | IAB Canada Releases New Ad Blocking study
April 2016

IAB UK | Ad Blocking Report: IAB UK Reveals Latest Ad Blocking Behaviour
March 2016

IAB France | Presentation of the Ipsos Study for IAB France on Ad Blockers (French)
March 2016

IAB Spain | Study on the Usage of Ad Blockers in Spain: Highlights or Full Report (Spanish)
March 2016

IAB Romania | Ad Blocking in Romania
March 2016

IAB UK | Ad Blocking Software – Consumer Usage and Attitudes
November 2015

IAB Germany / BVDW | PwC OVK B2B Ad Blocker Study
October 2015

Please note that full access to select pieces of research require a login and may only be accessible to local IAB members. 

If you would like more information or would like to submit your research to be published on the IAB website, please email Shira Orbach.

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