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CLEAR Ad Notice

CLEAR Ad Notice

(Control Links for Education and Advertising Responsibly)

IAB NAI logosWhile there are many opportunities and tools for users to learn and control their online computing experience (browser based tools, 3rd party tools, etc.), there is still concern in the marketplace that consumers are still not informed of their advertising choices. The online advertising industry has the opportunity to significantly increase the level of consumer awareness and control with respect to interest-based advertising.

If unified under a single standard, the online advertising ecosystem can convey “metadata” (data about the ad itself) during the ad serving process. That data can be surfaced to the consumer through multiple mechanisms. Notice elements would provide a consistent user experience to access privacy notices, education and opt-out links. The combination of these elements could support a more comprehensive and consistent disclosure in or around ads.

This document covers a proposed technical standard to empower each member of the online advertising community to communicate their presence and behavioral advertising targeting practices (if any) to consumers in a simple and direct manner.

Download the CLEAR Ad Notice document

Download the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising Factsheet

Download the DAA Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines for Mobile

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