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Introduction to Direct Brands

Course Overview

Thrive in the direct brand economy. Direct-to-consumer brands (DTC) are disrupting the traditional retail economy, capturing unprecedented market share from legacy category leaders. IAB’s The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy, a groundbreaking research study, first identified the economic factors, technologies, and marketing trends transforming the way modern brands communicate. This online, direct-to-consumer class traces the development of direct brands and explains how you and your organization can thrive in the direct brand economy.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the economic and technological factors that gave rise to this new generation of disruptor brands
  • Explain how direct brands are different from traditional, incumbent brands
  • Learn how direct brands leverage low-barrier-to-entry supply chains to fulfill demand and create relationships with consumers
  • Develop strategies brands, publishers, and platforms can implement to foster mutually beneficial partnerships


Discussion Topics

  • Direct brand characteristics and drivers
  • Impact of direct brands on incumbent brand growth
  • How the internet fuels the Direct Brand Economy
  • Building a direct brand
  • Understanding the production, attention, fulfillment, and data stacks
  • How to partner with 21st-century brands
  • How to thrive by becoming a direct brand or serving the needs of direct brands


Course Formats

Online Learning

Introduction to Direct Brands Online combines videos, quizzes, and interactive exercises; alongside master class interviews with direct brand founders; to achieve a comprehensive, holistic learning experience.

Enroll Online

Corporate Training

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This class counts as 8 hours of credits toward IAB Certification or Recertification status.

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