Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement

How Marketers Can Make Data and Technology Work Better Together 1

IAB and Winterberry Group Study

Programmatically-bought campaigns are seeing widespread adoption across all marketing and media segments, but the practice still faces some hurdles. This whitepaper,“Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement,” published in partnership by IAB and Winterberry Group,  will present a snapshot of how industry constituents are practicing “programmatic” today. With conclusions derived through a combination of survey and interview data (encompassing feedback from more than 260 executive-level marketers, technologists and media industry leaders) it will also outline the issues that are evolving to define the “programmatic everywhere” opportunity—across media channels, vertical industries and functional disciplines.

The whitepaper identifies five emerging trends that are expected to define the likely evolution of the programmatic marketing landscape:

  • As mobile devices assumes a central role in consumers’ digital lives, the importance of cookies is rapidly receding, creating the need for an alternative method for audience identification, segmentation, and analysis
  • Programmatic is applicable to all media types—paid, owned, and earned—traversing screens, devices, and countless media properties, which in turn will continue to fuel the desire for richer and more actionable customer profiles that are addressable across channels and media properties
  • Increasingly recognized as the backbone of audience-centered programmatic efforts, data will continue to grow in strategic value—heightening the importance of strong management platforms and enterprise governance strategies focused on ensuring access to and security of that critical resource
  • With a multitude of supporting technologies in place or in development, various organizations in the digital marketing supply chain will need to restructure and realign to better aid programmatic execution


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