Political Advertising Goes Digital

Political Advertising Goes Digital 1

IAB Research & Insight for the 2012 Elections

On November 6 2012 there will be not one, but two winners in America’s 57th presidential election. (Yes, 43 presidents, but 57 elections). Digital political advertising is expected to experience its biggest share in spending to date, with some studies predicting that the Presidential race and major House and Senate races to be devoting almost 12% of their spending to digital efforts. Considering that the estimated spend on all political advertising in the 2012 cycle is expected to crest almost $10 billion, digital’s share represents enormous growth in a very short period.

As recently as 2008, pundits, consultants, the media and voters alike were marveling at the Obama and McCain campaigns’ use of digital advertising to reach out to voters. The idea of a candidate announcing their VP pick via text message was exciting and new, and approaching voters via social media was taking a page from nobody’s playbook. In just four short years since then, to borrow from a popular tag line of the past, we’ve come a long way, baby.

IAB is proud to be pioneering new research and insight into this ever-changing marketplace. As interest (and the ads!) peak as we get closer to November 6, the IAB would like to share with you some of our original research and reporting on the landscape of digital political advertising in 2012. Happy reading, and remember: Whatever the outcome of November 6, it’s a win for the digital advertising industry.