IAB Digital Trends 2016: Consumer Usage, Ad Revenue and Impact

By the end of 2016, 257M users accessed the internet monthly and spent 1.5 trillion minutes online via computers or mobile devices on websites or apps. As a result, digital ad revenue grew 22% over the year to $72.5B in 2016. Over two-thirds of time spent online (69%) was on a mobile device and over half (51%) of digital ad dollars spent in mobile. While most consumers (78%) use both desktop and mobile to access the internet, those who only use a computer (10%) skew older and those who only use a mobile device (12%) skew younger. This report offers insights on consumer usage, ad revenue and purchase influence in video, audio, news and social media on desktop, mobile web and apps. It further ranks top categories and sites in terms of number of visitors and time spent online.

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