2018 International Breakfast: Driving the Global 21st Century Brand Economy

IAB Global Network 3

During the 2018 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, California, 75 industry leaders from 26 countries joined the International Breakfast on Tuesday, February 13, to discuss the global challenges faced by an increasingly interconnected industry.

The event began with opening remarks from Randall Rothenberg, CEO, IAB and Dave Grimaldi, Executive Vice President, Public Policy, who welcomed the attendees, provided an overview the scope and scale of the IAB Global Network, and set the stage for the discussion to come. The event then kicked off with presentations from three new international IAB’s: IAB Hong Kong, IAB Ukraine, and IAB Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Cecilia Chan, CEO, IAB Hong Kong, provided an overview of the Hong Kong marketplace, describing the high connectivity rates that make the city one of the most digitally enabled in the world. Cecilia continued by presenting an overview of the many events, training opportunities, and committees that IAB Hong Kong has established since its founding 16 months ago as the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association.

Yaroslava Antipina, Managing Director, IAB Ukraine, next provided a presentation of IAB Ukraine’s mission and objectives over the coming year. As a new organization, Yaroslava highlighted that IAB Ukraine has been focused over the last several months on building membership and launching a formal structure of committees and training opportunities to help accelerate growth in the already quickly expanding Ukrainian digital market.

Alex Propes, Senior Director, Public Policy & International, shared an overview of IAB Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes six markets in the middle east: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. With some of the highest internet adoption rates in the world, the addition of IAB GCC expands the IAB brand to a marketplace of more than 246 million digital consumers. Similar to IAB Ukraine, IAB GCC is a new organization that is currently establishing a robust 2018 work agenda.

The discussion concluded with an in-depth discussion of the international work of the IAB Tech Lab. Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President & General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, shared an overview of the Tech Lab’s many 2018 activities, from critical initiatives for global adoption such as ads.txt, ads.cert, VAST 4.x, and the LEAN Seal, to compliance programs including MMTF measurement, open measurement SDK/API, and server side podcast measurement. The discussion concluded with Q&A from the audience, centered around ways in which international IABs can get further involved with the work of the IAB Tech Lab.

Thank you to the many attendees at the 2018 International Breakfast @ ALM. We look forward to the opportunity to gather again at the IAB Global Summit this fall.