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IAB Accelerate: Digital Media Apprenticeship

IAB Accelerate: Digital Media Apprenticeship

IAB Accelerate: IAB Digital Media Apprenticeship — the first-ever digital media apprenticeship program in the U.S — in partnership with American Apprenticeships Work (AAW) will empower employers to immediately remove barriers to hiring talent into careers in ad-tech, digital media, and marketing. This apprenticeship will help employers build their talent pipeline while providing on-the-job learning, technical skills training, coach support, and business skills throughout the 1-year program. This program is open to all organizations and will make it easy for companies of every size to have an immediate impact on the skills and diversity of their teams.

People are starting to realize that they deserve organizations that respect, support, and invest in them. We are encouraging you to be one of the top brands, agencies, and media owners across the country to put apprentices through this intense year-long, on-the-job training program that will build their skills & competencies needed to do the jobs of today and tomorrow. This initiative could fall under your DEI strategy to ensure you are creating opportunities for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Employer Opportunities with Apprenticeships:
• Re-skill/up-skill employees to improve retention
• Build your own talent pipeline in this competitive market
• Hire candidates for potential, not credentials to unlock diverse talent pools
• Strengthen your employer brand by building an inclusive culture

Available Apprenticeships:
• Data Analytics
• Ad Operations
• Ad Sales
• Digital Marketing

To learn more or schedule a call to get involved, contact Jessalin Lam, VP Member Development & Diversity at: [email protected].