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IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar: Build Creatives that Work Across Devices

Jun 9 2016

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      To effectively engage the “liquid consumer” as they move from screen to screen throughout the customer journey, marketers need to understand how to build unified, high-quality creative that captures attention while delivering the best user experience regardless of which device the consumer is using. The good news is, with HTML5, the promise of developing and delivering rich cross-screen experiences with full interactivity and motion graphics (without compatibility issues), is now a reality.  Key questions remain however, including how to break through operational silos to integrate scalable designs that are both impactful and respectful of the consumer experience. AvatarLabs, Campbell Soup Company, and Kargo discussed how new approaches and tools for cross-screen creative are inspiring a shift in creativity, execution and performance.

      This webinar covers:

      1. A Brand Perspective on How to Choose the Right Partners
      2. How to Adapt Production Workflow
      3. Creative Best Practices and Case Examples

      IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Series: Build Creatives that Work Across Devices