IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar: Mobile Video

Aug 26 2015 / 2:00 pm 3:00 pm EST

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      How can you showcase your brand through mobile video? An IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Mobile video ads are a fantastic way to deliver a message to an engaged audience—sight sound and motion in the palm of someone’s hand. There are lots of mobile video ad formats and styles to choose from, too, suitable for any kind of brand or campaign goal. The technology is in place, the audience is there, but many brands still wonder, how can you best harness mobile video? This IAB Make Mobile Work webinar will include case studies and practical advice from companies including Google, Snapchat, and Tremor Video, to help you understand:

      • What mobile video ad types/formats are available? (landscape, portrait, in-feed, interactive)
      • How do you measure success for your video campaign?
      • What characteristics define mobile video ads that work well?