IAB Esports Working Group Meeting

IAB Ad Lab or Remote · 01.24.18
3:00 pm EST - 5:00 pm EST

Esports is coming of age. It is an industry that now includes an official network of pro tournaments and leagues with sponsored teams, international reach and million dollar prize pools. With an growing audience comprised of people who are young, passionate, affluent, and digital, it is an attractive target group for marketers.

In conjunction with this esports working group, IAB is developing a guide for media buyers to help define the esports space and illustrate how brands can get involved. Join us (remotely or on-site) on Wednesday, January 24th from 3 to 5 pm ET as we continue to map out the esports marketplace and discuss the following topics:

-How do we define the esports audience and illustrate the value of that audience to decision makers at brands?

-How are brands tapping into this opportunity today?

-What are the most prevalent questions that brands are asking today in the marketplace?



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