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IAB Esports Working Group Kick Off Meeting

Oct 4 2017

IAB Members Only


      Esports is coming of age. What started out as a niche phenomenon of friends gathering in one another’s basements to play video games has evolved into an official network of pro tournaments and leagues with sponsored teams, international reach and prize pools of millions of dollars. The audience for competitive video gaming, young, passionate, digital only and now numbering over 300MM is growing quickly.

      But what does the advertising opportunity look like for brands? What are the best practices for reaching an audience that lives online and in social media and ignores conventional advertising?

      This working group co-chaired by Brian Matthews (NFL), Seth Ladetsky (Turner) and Mike Sepso (Activision), will focus on developing a media buyer’s guide to help explain the space and how brands can capitalize on the opportunity.

      Come join us (remotely/on-site) in our 1st kick off meeting at the IAB NY Offices on October 4th Noon to 2PM.