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IAB Advanced TV Committee Meeting

Dec 19 2017

IAB Members Only


      The IAB Video Center has been working on several initiatives to help continue to provide clarity, insight, and guidance surrounding the advanced TV ecosystem.

      At the Q4 2017 Advanced TV Committee meeting on Tuesday, December 19th from 3 pm to 5 pm ET, we will provide a recap of the Video Symposium – where top industry leaders, marketers, and publishers convened to discuss topics focusing on OTT & the connected consumer. We will also review “The OTT Co-Viewing Experience” primary research that provides key insights surrounding co-viewing behavior on OTT and its benefits to brands, such as incremental reach and advertising effectiveness.

      Lastly, we will review the Advanced TV Targeting Primer that the working group has been composing and receive an update from the Tech Lab regarding the latest progress with the OTT Identifier for Advertising.