Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace

New York · 05.15.14

Cross-Screen: IAB MarketplacePeter Naylor, Senior Vice President, Hulu, opened the morning to a packed house at the Crowne Plaza, for the 2014 IAB Cross-Screen Marketplace, Spotlight: Video. Peter set the stage for the day on this most compelling topic by sharing ways Hulu has embraced the shift to cross-screen marketing.

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 1Elizabeth Ross, President, BPN, spoke about connecting the dots. Capturing the promise of the cross-screen universe is not about understanding the disparate parts or figuring out the next game-changing technology. The industry has been talking about this revolution for a long time, but she urged the audience that now is the time to act. We can do so by creating meaningful experiences for people—not users, consumers, viewers, targets, but people. She challenged the room to consume the media they work within. “When is the last time you clicked on a banner or watched a commercial?” she asked the room full of media executives. She recommended three steps to moving forward: embracing automation; using data but being skeptical—sometimes the data is wrong; and sequencing.

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 2Next, Ivy Esquero, Senior Thought Leadership Manager, Global Consumer Insights, Microsoft, and John Piontkowski, General Manager, Advertising and Online Division, Eastern US, Microsoft Advertising, highlighted the power of video in a multi-screen world. As everything becomes more amplified, it is more and more challenging to reach consumers. XBOX Entertainment Studios are creating connections between technology and the consumer beyond streaming video, but experiential, original content which they hope will change the way consumers see content and engage across devices.

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 3Torrence Boone, Managing Director, Agency Business Development, Americas, Google, and Todd Gordon, EVP Integrated Trading MAGNA GLOBAL, had a chat with IAB’s Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives and the day’s host, on being “upfront” about cross-screen marketing. Google and Magna Global recently signed a very large partnership deal. The pair stressed that the deal is not about media—it’s about thinking about non-ad products, like street signs, maps and Google glass. Programmatic plays a big part. Part of the partnership is the YouTube Partner Program, which helps Magna Global brands think like a YouTuber, infusing video strategically into the mix. Google-Preferred Music Lineups take premium content to the next level, giving a unique behind-the-scenes experience for users, opening up immersive possibilities for consumers and advertising opportunities for brands by creating limited inventory on something that was once abundant.

Following a networking refreshment break, attendees participated in Marketplace Presentations. Then after sharing lunch in the Times Square Ballroom, the group split up for workshops. Topics included “How to Successfully Repurpose TV Commercials for Digital Display Ads”, “Buying Screen by Screen is Soooo 2013”, and “Closing the Loop of Data-Driven TV Reporting.”

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 4The general session reconvened with Glenn Brown, Senior Director, Amplify, Twitter, who discussed leveraging the second screen to make content a conversation. 2013 saw one billion tweets around TV broadcast with 70 percent of those tweets viewed during broadcast. Amplify takes the social soundtrack – what people are talking about—and makes it stronger by injecting video and audio into the Twitter stream. “Second screen storytelling is just getting started,” Brown said. He added, “TV by itself it in a great age of storytelling and creativity and smartphones are making TV even better.”

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 5Leslie Hall, President, ICED Media, and Junko Mizobuchi, Director, Content, Global Integration Marketing Communications, Maybelline New York presented the case study “Big Eyes Mascara Choose Your Own Adventure.”  Maybelline New York’s goal was to create a modern choose-your-own-adventure style immersive makeup tutorial video that highlighted the four pillars of the company: fashion, innovation, education and NYC. Videos were created in HTML5 so it could be seen globally on any device, and connected to local commerce sites. This was the first of its kind in the cosmetic industry.

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 6The Publishers perspective came from Dan Ackerman, Senior Vice President Programmatic TV,, and Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President Global Research and Analytics, ESPN. Cross-screen advertising is one of the industry’s hottest trends. As is typical, every major shift starts with a push from buyers. To take advantage of ESPNs total reach—42 million total reach men 18+—an advertiser needs to place messages across all platforms. Multi-platform works. Programmatic gives us a tool to make rapid, educated advertising decisions.

Cross-Screen: IAB Marketplace 7For the closing keynote Group M’s Ari Bluman, Chief Digital Investment Officer, sat down with Peter Minnium for a fireside chat. Ari’s role at Group M is to ensure Group M spends its media dollars in the most efficient way possible. The lively conversation covered everything from viewability, automation, piracy, fraud, standards, and trust. “Viewability is not a stand-alone issue, I look at piracy and fraud. TV has had metrics in place for a long time, but we do not. If you only print half of an ad, that’s a make good… If you only run half a commercial, that’s a make good. There’s no equivalent for that in digital. Standards need to be created for both digital and video. Trust needs to be built.”

8:00 am -

Registration Opens

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8:00 am - 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast

9:00 am - 9:15 am

Opening Remarks

9:15 am - 9:45 am

Connecting the Dots

Capturing the promise of the cross-screen universe is not about understanding the disparate parts or figuring out the next game-changing technology. What it’s really about is creating meaningful experiences for people—not users, consumers, viewers, or eyeballs—people. The magic is in the connections: the technologies people use and how they use them, and how they mesh together. Publishers, brands, and technology companies best able to get the sequencing of messaging right will be able to forge deeper, more valuable relationships with people than ever before. How can automation be used as a powerful tool to make faster decisions better? To make people’s lives more seamless? We’re starting to be able to deliver on these promises.

9:45 am - 10:05 am

The Power of Video in a Multi-Screen World

Our Digital Trends Study reveals that influential consumers, including Millennials, want more in exchange for sharing their data and expect seamless, fun experiences to be part of that trade. We look at how video can play a role in delivering more interactive, more enjoyable and more absorbing experiences across multiple screens, including Xbox. You’ll get a glimpse of the role video will play as we discuss the vision of Xbox Entertainment Studios and its role in Microsoft’s devices and services world.

10:05 am - 10:30 am

Being “Upfront” About Cross-Screen Marketing

As more and more ad dollars migrate away from TV and onto digital platforms, companies are looking for ways to improve their ability to gain traction across screens. Google and Magna Global have come together to help big brands harness the power and potential of digital marketing campaigns. This conversation will highlight how their clients are taking advantage of the Google/Magna Global partnership, and how the YouTube Partner Program is being utilized to infuse video more strategically into the mix.

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Networking Refreshment Break

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Marketplace Presentations

This series of fast-paced presentations helps you cut through the clutter of cross-screen technology solutions. Three companies. One hour. Just what you need for your business.

Marketplace 1
Room 402, 4th floor

Sponsored by Drawbridge

Marketplace 2
Room 404, 4th floor

Sponsored by Innovid

Marketplace 3
Room 406, 4th floor

Sponsored by IAB Mobile Marketplace 2015

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Networking Luncheon

Times Square Ballroom

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Cross-Screen Transplants: How to Successfully Repurpose TV Commercials for Digital Display Ads
Room 402, 4th floor 

While simply transplanting video content produced for TV into digital channels is the easiest and fastest way towards video advertising, such operations often leave the patients unwell and consumers unhappy. However, with just a little bit of extra effort, such transplant ads can easily be turned into native and extremely engaging ad experiences that fully leverage interactive capabilities of digital space and deliver superior results.

Matevz Klanjsek, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Celtra

Presented by IAB Digital Video Marketplace 2015 6


Buying Screen-By-Screen Is Soooo 2013
Room 404, 4th floor 

This lively and insightful discussion with two media and advertising leaders will focus on the increasing role technology and big data are playing in overall strategy, how they see the TV-video relationship playing out over the next 12-18 months, best practices in the face of increasing consumer and device fragmentation, and Tremor’s recently-launched all-screen optimization juggernaut.

Doron Wesly, Head, Research and Market Strategy, Tremor Video

Presented by Tremor Video


Closing the Loop of Data-Driven TV Reporting
Room 406, 4th floor 

This session will explore how advertisers can most effectively use data to improve the impact of their investments. It will reveal which category has been most active in leveraging first party data for TV targeting and measurement, and also the latest progress in developing and implementing a universal ID for audience targeting across TV and digital.

Craig Berkley, Senior Director, Sales and Development, Charter Communications

Matt Kramer, Director, TV and Video Products, Accuen

Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Moderator: Dan Ackerman, Senior Vice President, Programmatic TV,

Presented by ONE by AOL

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm

TV, Amplified: Leveraging the Second Screen to Make Content a Conversation

For top TV events, how can you use social media to place viewers at the center of the conversation? How can advertisers and media partners join the conversation to create real-time, memorable multi-screen experiences? The latest on the nexus between television and Twitter and how content providers are taking advantage of the opportunities to engage with viewers in new, relevant ways.

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Case Study: Maybelline Creates a Mobile-First Solution for Interactive Video, “Big Eyes Mascara Choose Your Own Adventure”

Learn how Maybelline launched their new “Big Eyes Mascara” with brand tutorial videos across owned and paid channels that were optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop participation. Get an inside look at how technological and creative challenges were overcome so the brand could reach and engage consumers wherever, whenever and on whatever device was close at hand.

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm

Networking Refreshment Break

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Deep-Dive Track Sessions

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

TV + DV = ?
Convergence is here. Now what?
Room 402, 4th floor

Sponsored by IAB Ad Technology Marketplace, Spotlight: Programmatic, Automation & Creativity 10


From Pocket-Sized to (Larger Than!) Life-Sized
Creating Multiscreen Brand Experiences
Room 404, 4th floor

Sponsored by Undertone


Cross-Screen Metrics
Evaluating Impact
Room 406, 4th floor

Sponsored  by Yahoo Advertising

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm

TV is Truly Everywhere: Trends in Digital Television
The pace at which television viewers are changing the way they’re watching TV shows is rapidly accelerating, as are the dynamics of how premium content owners and distributors monetize digital video. A surge in mobile phone, tablet and OTT video consumption has presented the need for advertisers to find ways to address audience and device fragmentation. Insights from FreeWheel’s Quarterly Monetization Report reveal the drivers behind the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing professional digital video content across all content lengths, formats and devices.

Brian Dutt, Director, Advisory Services, FreeWheel

Cross-Screen Creative: How Important Is the Canvas?
When building a cross-screen brand campaign, how important are the canvases? This session will debut the just-released 2014 Industry Pulse Survey on the IAB Rising Stars. One year later, where is awareness? How likely will advertisers be to adopt Rising Stars? What formats are going to see the greatest revenue? What are the best screen-based strategies being implemented? This session will reveal the latest findings.

Eric Franchi, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Undertone

Native Content Marketing: How to Measure Success
When it comes to native content marketing, the questions everyone wants answered are: What’s new? What’s valuable? What’s relevant? And, most important- what works best? Featuring the latest research findings and brand stories, this session will explore the effectiveness of native campaigns. It will reveal how marketers can best leverage the potential of native content, spotlighting video as a powerful tool to enhance engagement.

Steven Schuler, Senior Manager, Ad Products Marketing, Mobile and Connected Devices, Yahoo

3:45 pm - 4:15 pm

TV Everywhere: Making it Addressable
What are the key considerations when developing brand campaigns for TV Everywhere? How can all sides of the digital ecosystem come together to create, develop and distribute addressable advertising across platforms?  This session will explore these issues from all sides: content provider, distributor, ad agency and the technology platforms that pull it all together.

Brian Dutt, Director, Advisory Services, FreeWheel

Sky Kelley, Director, New Product Strategy, Digital Video Distribution, Disney and ESPN Media Networks

Frank Foster, President and General Manager, Crossbeam

Digital Brand-Building: Spotlight on Creative
A look at what’s new, different and innovative in digital brand building. How are advertisers exploiting the new trends and developments? Which formats are gaining traction? How are brands using creative to make better cross-screen experiences for users?  Hear from leading creatives on how they are building cross screen brand experiences.

Jon Jackson, Executive Creative Director, Huge

Josh Payton, Vice President, User Experience, Huge

Cross-Screen Measurement
Hear from industry leaders driving “Making Measurement Make Sense” on finding a common currency for cross-screen measurement.

Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President, Global Research+Analytics, ESPN, Inc.

Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB

David Shiffman, Executive Vice President, Research Director, MediaVest USA

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm

A Fireside Chat with GroupM’s Ari Bluman

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Networking Cocktail Reception

Ari Bluman 1
  • Ari Bluman
  • Chief Digital Investment Officer
  • GroupM North America
  • @GroupMWorldwide

Ari Bluman, an innovative digital media expert with 15 years of wide ranging experience in technology and media operations, is the Chief Digital Investment Officer for GroupM North America, holding company for media agencies Maxus, MEC, MediaCom and Mindshare, and a WPP company. Ari directs and manages all areas of GroupM’s digital trading.

In August 2012, Bluman was appointed to this new role with the mission to lead and coordinate GroupM’s strategy of securing outstanding digital media value for clients, and to oversee the company’s evolving relationships with key media company partners across all inventory categories. He reports to GroupM Chief Investment Officer Rino Scanzoni.

Previously Ari Bluman was President, North America, for Real Media, a business unit of 24/7 Media, WPP’s marketing technology company. He was responsible for all of North American business development, ad operations, sales, and client services. Bluman enjoyed many roles within the company such as Senior Vice President, North American Sales and Operations; Vice President, Distribution and Operations; Vice President, Direct Solutions; Vice President, Direct Marketing, Inside Sales and Email Brokerage, as well as an Account Executive.

Prior to his employment at Real Media Group, Bluman was Vice President of Sales at Now Marketing, Inc.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, from which he holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Bluman joined Real Media Group (then 24/7 Real Media) in 1997.

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Torrence Boone
  • Torrence Boone
  • Managing Director, Agency Business Development, Americas
  • Google

As Managing Director of Agency Business Development, Torrence Boone is responsible for driving Google’s strategy and relationships with marketing and advertising agencies across the Americas. In this capacity, he leads a team that partners with diverse agency constituents to craft innovative ideas and campaigns leveraging the Google product portfolio to deliver business-building results for advertisers. Torrence also drives Google’s large-scale deal negotiations and leads the company’s development of sponsorships and media programs for the region.

Prior to Google, Torrence held senior agency leadership positions with WPP & Publicis: Global CEO of Enfatico; President of Digitas Boston; and VP/GM of Avenue A (now Razorfish) in New York. Before his tenure in advertising, Torrence was a senior manager at Bain & Company, where he advised a broad range of clients on corporate and business unit strategy, mergers and acquisitions, new product development, and interactive strategy.

Torrence holds a B.A. in Economics, with honors, from Stanford University, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He is a corporate director for Finish Line (NASDAQ: FINL), a leading national specialty retailer. He also serves on the boards of the Joyce Theater, a premier presenter of dance, and Citizen Schools, a national education reform organization.

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Glenn Brown
  • Glenn Brown
  • Senior Director, Amplify
  • Twitter

  • @gob

Glenn is responsible for managing the Amplify product and program at Twitter, including two-screen content partnerships with more than 60 brands, including ESPN, the NBA, and Viacom. Prior to joining Twitter in 2011, Glenn was Head of Music Partnerships at YouTube, where he managed deals with all major and independent record labels, VEVO, and other music businesses. Earlier, he was in-house copyright and privacy counsel at Google; he also served as Executive Director of Creative Commons.

Glenn earned a J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard and a B.A. summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin. He is @gob on Twitter.

  • Social:
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Artie Bulgrin
  • Artie Bulgrin
  • Senior Vice President, Global Research+Analytics
  • ESPN, Inc.
  • @ESPN

Artie joined ESPN as Vice President, Research and Sales Development in February 1996 and was promoted to Senior Vice President in June of 2001. Artie supervises a staff that provides multi-media research and consumer insights services to all divisions of the company on an international basis. In early 2008 Artie added responsibility for ESPN’s Digital Media Analytics group. Today ESPN Research+Analytics services a diverse set of business units for ESPN (described below) with a focus on TV audience research, digital media research & analytics, cross media measurement, consumer & brand research, content distribution, and advertising accountability. In addition, Artie supervises ESPN’s interest in the ESPN SportsPoll, The Disney Media and Advertising Lab and ESPN XP – ESPN’s exclusive cross platform measurement initiative. Artie’s team supports ESPN globally with staff in 6 offices including New York, Bristol, CT, Miami, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and London. The goal of Artie’s department is to provide reliable data and tangible insights to grow the ESPN brand, increase audiences, and develop new sales opportunities.

Preceding ESPN, Artie was Director, Research and Sales Data Services at ABC National Television Sales, Inc. since 1989. He started his career at Nielsen Media Research where he worked from 1981 to 1989, rising to the post of Vice President, Service Development.

Artie is active in many industry organizations and is a frequent public speaker. He is a past president of the Radio and Television Research Council and former chairman of both the Media Ratings Council and the Advertising Research Foundation. Artie remains a board member of the ARF, is an active member of CIMM – the Coalition for Innovation in Audience Measurement and also serves on the North American advisory board of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. Little known fact: In 2002, Artie hosted a prime time TV program on ESPN called “The Focus Group” which engaged real fans in discussion and debate about topical sports issues.

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Brian Dutt
  • Brian Dutt
  • Director, Advisory Services
  • FreeWheel

Brian Dutt currently oversees FreeWheel’s Business Advisory division. In this capacity, Brian works closely with leading TV channels, digital distributors, and cable and satellite operators to build scalable and profitable digital video businesses. His client work includes content and distribution strategy, viewer experience testing, inventory optimization, benchmarking, and workflow design. Brian also authors FreeWheel’s quarterly Video Monetization Report, and is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events.

Prior to joining FreeWheel, Brian led International Strategy at Viacom for Comedy Central and Paramount, and was previously a Management Consulting Associate in Oliver Wyman’s Communications, Media, and Tech practice. He has also held positions in Affiliate Planning at HBO, and in Media and Telecom Investment Banking at Societe Generale.

Brian has a BA in Economics from Trinity College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Ivy Esquero
  • Ivy Esquero
  • Senior Thought Leadership Manager, Global Consumer Insights
  • Microsoft

As part of the Global Consumers Insights team, Ivy looks to unpack the “why” behind consumer behavior and uncover the person behind the number, revealing ways to deeply engage consumers as they navigate the digital landscape.

Prior to Microsoft, Ivy was in the Global Strategic Research team at Prudential Financial, where she delved into consumers’ journey to financial security and retirement. Ivy joined Prudential from the Advertiser Solutions Group at the Nielsen Company where she was a Research Director advising clients on optimal advertising mix and cross-channel opportunities in the financial services, retail, and tech industries. Her work has been covered by major news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, CNET, Adweek, and AdAge. She started her career in the Financial Services industry focusing on marketing and analytics. Ivy graduated with an English and Political Science degree, with the thought of becoming a teacher. While that career path did not materialize, Ivy continues to have a passion for teaching. She has been a volunteer and team leader with NY Cares since 2004, currently leading SAT tutoring classes for low-income high school students. In the winter, you’ll often find her on the slopes of southern Vermont, usually trying to convince a newbie that falling is natural.

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Frank Foster
  • Frank Foster
  • President and General Manager
  • Crossbeam

Frank Foster is the President and General Manager of Crossbeam Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast. Crossbeam Media is a multi-platform unwired network. By buying local inventory on a national scale, Crossbeam offers clients the benefits of national coverage and pricing as well as a locally customized message. Frank offers Crossbeam Media a proven track record of leading startups as standalone entities and within Fortune 500 companies. Frank has focused most of his career on creating new business opportunities, while driving growth through internal development, strategic relationships and customer acquisition. Prior to Crossbeam Media, Frank held senior executive positions within Comcast Spotlight, AT&T AdWorks, Cheetah Technologies, and was President of erinMedia, LLC.

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Eric Franchi
  • Eric Franchi
  • Undertone

Eric Franchi is co-founder of Undertone and sits on the executive management team. He leads all thought leadership, industry and media relations on behalf of the company. Eric has been featured in publications including Ad Age, Adweek and The Wall Street Journal, on Fox Business News and on stages worldwide including IAB MIXX, Advertising Week and Cannes. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President of Publisher Development, responsible for managing and growing the company’s extensive portfolio of premium publishers. Prior to that he was the company’s first Senior Vice President of Sales, growing Undertone’s US sales team and establishing relationships with key agencies and marketers.

Since co-founding the company in 2001 Eric has played a pivotal role in overseeing its expansion. Undertone has garnered several awards since its inception including being named amongst Crain’s Best Places to Work and Business Insider’s Digital 100.

He serves on the boards of 212NYC and The Governor’s Island Alliance.

Eric began his career in the digital space as a sales executive for He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University.

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Toby Gabriner
  • Toby Gabriner
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • and ONE by AOL
  • @

Toby Gabriner currently serves as CEO of and ONE by AOL, and brings to the company more than 14 years of experience leading companies in the digital advertising space. He is tasked with developing the company’s business and marketing strategies to compete in the global video advertising market. Prior to, he helped guide several companies to success, including Carat Interactive, [X+1], and Tribal Fusion. He began his career in digital advertising at Freestyle Interactive, which he led as president until its acquisition to Carat in 2003.

  • Social:
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Todd Gordon
  • Todd Gordon
  • Executive Vice President, Integrated Trading
  • MAGNA GLOBAL, an IPG Mediabrands Company

Todd Gordon is Executive Vice President, Integrated Trading at MAGNA GLOBAL, leading all US negotiations on behalf of IPG agencies, including Initiative, UM, BPN, Deutsch, and Hill Holiday, with clients including Hyundai, KIA, Hasbro, USAA, and Sony. A creative thinker who consistently delivers fully integrated solutions for clients, Todd has spent much of his career working on ‘challenger brands,’ which require agencies to be smarter, faster, more innovative, and more creative with their budget. This work has prepared him to overcome challenges posed by the current economic condition through active efforts to expand the agency’s definition of TV, by including broader video offerings, including place based video, cinema video, professionally produced on-line video, and Video On-Demand (VOD), etc.

Previously SVP, Managing Director of National Broadcast at IPG Mediabrands’ Initiative, Todd has taken the lead in developing best practices and enhancing systems for the Initiative National Broadcast group, including the transition from DDS to Mediabank. Prior to joining Initiative, Todd spent nine years at Mediacom, where he was one of four people leading National Broadcast negotiations, responsible for the Diageo, Volkswagen & Audi, AVIS/Budget, Staples, ConAgra, Michelin, and Realogy accounts.

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Leslie Hall
  • Leslie Hall
  • President
  • ICED Media

Armed with a keen ability to identify and meet the challenges of some of today’s savviest marketers, Leslie Hall has led ICED Media to become one of the industry’s leading digital marketing agencies. Over the past decade, she has led global and Fortune 500 clients, including Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Kmart, Ford Motor Corp., Maybelline New York, and DKNY to the forefront of the digital ecosystem with groundbreaking and award-winning campaigns, earning industrywide accolades along the way.

A graduate of George Washington University, Hall spent her early career working in business development for online publishers including Vibe and Spin Media Ventures. As the first in-house digital sales executive for the company, she developed a growing revenue stream by creating innovative solutions like the “beyond the banner” model, which provided traditional advertisers such as Nike, Levis, and Sony the ability to develop deeper relationships with qualified consumers, as a prelude to native advertising.

Hall left her position at Vibe and Spin to launch ICED Media in 1999. While online marketing was still in its infancy, ICED Media carved out a niche through its expertise in online grassroots marketing, which has evolved into the digital, social, and mobile strategy that permeates the marketing landscape today. Throughout her tenure as ICED Media President, clients have earned first-mover status and innovator credibility through early adoption and success across platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Hall’s work has been recognized by technology partners and trades alike, including Facebook, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, AdAge, and Business Insider, and she speaks as a thought leader at industry events and conferences worldwide.

A pioneer at heart, Hall oversees client services, strategy, products, and offerings, and brings her understanding of the digital space, consumer behavior, and ROI to complement the company’s creative offerings. It is this discipline that has led ICED Media to become one of the leading digital marketing firms today.

Leslie Hall balances her thriving enterprise, female mentorship in the workplace, and entrepreneurial spirit with her love of family. When not running ICED Media, she can be found at home in New Jersey with her husband and son. She’s a lover of pop culture, vintage couture, four-mile jogs, Bar Method classes, international travel, and home design, and can often be found with her Kindle, immersed in memoirs and non-fiction.

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Jon Jackson

Jon Jackson is responsible for the creative direction and execution of large-scale initiatives at Huge. In his role, Jon collaborates closely with the Visual and Interaction Design teams to develop concepts and strategies for some of Huge’s largest clients including Google and Gucci. Specializing in building well-known, consumer-facing brands and extending engagement through traditional and digital media, Jon has over 14 years of experience in art direction. Prior to joining Huge, he worked at SapientNitro as an Associate Creative Director, where he collaborated with such clients as Coca-Cola, Sprint, Yahoo!, Disney, Logitech, Nissan and Sony. In addition, he’s developed creative solutions for clients such as Nike, Acura, Toyota, Chrysler, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Nokia and Warner Brothers. Jon holds a BFA in Graphic Design from California State University, Fullerton.

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Sky Kelley
  • Sky Kelley
  • Director, New Product Strategy, Digital Video Distribution
  • Disney and ESPN Media Networks

Sky Kelley is Director of New Product Strategy in the digital video distribution group at Disney and ESPN Media Networks. Sky is responsible for creating and launching new multiplatform products across the Disney, ABC, ABC Family, and ESPN brands. She has worked on products ranging from converting linear networks to digital on-demand networks, interactive apps, gaming packages, pricing library content, and windowing strategies to cloud-based VOD and DVR services.

Sky has extensive cross-platform experience having worked with mobile, online, digital-out-of-home, interactive TV, and second screen applications, as well as traditional TV service. Prior to her current role, she was the Director of Business Development for Emerging Media Products at AT&T in the national advertising division. During her tenure with the company, she launched online display and interactive TV products, renegotiated mobile advertising partnerships and negotiated multiple local advertising contracts with national cable operators. Prior to joining AT&T, Sky was the co-founder of a national digital-out-of-home company called America’s Minority Health Network that had television screens in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices. The company went public before being acquired in 2011.

Before launching AMHN, Sky ran sales and marketing for a start-up digital-out-of-home company called Care Media. Prior to that role, Sky began her career on Wall Street, completing a graduate training program with UBS and assuming roles in Derivative Sales and Equity Sales-Trading, covering telecom, media, and technology in New York and London.

Sky holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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  • Sherrill Mane
  • Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement
  • IAB
  • @SherrillMane

Sherrill Mane joined the IAB in 2007 as our first SVP Industry Services. Sherrill has led industry efforts to establish metrics and build measurement systems that facilitate the growth of interactive media. Sherrill is responsible for numerous IAB initiatives, including fostering greater awareness of interactive advertising opportunities in the traditional media agency community. She oversees the creation of market-making research and the collateral materials associated with findings that grow the business. Since 2011, Sherrill has been the IAB lead on the groundbreaking cross ecosystem collaboration with the agencies (4A’s) and marketers (ANA) known as Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS). Previously, she spent 14 years at Turner Broadcasting Sales, holding a variety of senior advertising sales support positions for the News division, most recently as Senior Vice President of Market Strategy. Earlier in her career, she held diverse positions at Nielsen Media Research and Group W Satellite Communications. Sherrill draws on her experience in TV and digital sales marketing to lead IAB’s Sales Executive Council. She holds a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Her graduate studies focused on the social psychology of mass media.

In 2012, Sherrill was named a Media Maven by Advertising Age.

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Peter Minnium

As the Head of Brand Initiatives, Peter leads a series of initiatives designed to address the under-representation of creative brand advertising online. He was formerly Managing Director of Lowe Worldwide, the global creative agency network of the Interpublic Group, where he held leadership roles overseeing international operations. Peter’s passion is the intersection of creative ideas and technology and he is focused on fueling the full-fledged creative revolution that interactivity has long promised.

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Junko Mizobuchi
  • Junko Mizobuchi
  • Director, Content, Global Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Maybelline New York

Junko is currently responsible for leading the development of digital content for markets of Maybelline New York worldwide.

Prior to joining the Global Integrated Marketing Communications team for the brand in New York, Junko lead the public relations and advertising team of Maybelline New York in the Japanese market. She was responsible for creation and execution of strategies in this highly competitive market through both mass and new media. She activated creative “out of the box” marketing communication projects, such as unique spokesperson initiatives and cross industry collaborations with Hello Kitty and UNIQLO.

Junko joined the Corporate Communications Division of Nihon L’Oréal K.K. in 2002. She held responsibility of internal and external PR activities, media relations, webmaster of the corporate internet site, as well as the launch of the company’s first intranet portal site.

Junko graduated from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, with a BA in Social Psychology, beginning her career of communications the same year through Public Relations of General Motors in Japan.

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  • Peter Naylor
  • Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
  • Hulu
  • @prnaylor

Peter Naylor is the SVP of Advertising Sales at Hulu where he oversees the company’s advertising sales and sales operations functions. Prior to Hulu, Naylor was an EVP of Digital Media Sales for NBCUniversal (NBCU) where, during his tenure, he ran digital advertising sales for NBCU’s entertainment, news and sports digital properties. Prior to his time at NBCU, Naylor served as the SVP of Sales for the iVillage Properties, which was acquired by NBCU in May 2006. Before joining iVillage, he served as VP of Sales for Terra Lycos. He started his internet sales career at Wired Digital. In the advertising community, Naylor served as the Chairman of the Board of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in 2012 and sat on the board for over ten years. Naylor also served as Treasurer for the Online Publishers’ Association from 2010 to 2013 and sat on the board for over ten years. Naylor is the recipient of the 2015 ASPY Industry Luminary Award and the 2014 ad: tech Industry Achievement award. Currently, Naylor is the founding chairman for the IAB’s Video Center of Excellence.

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Josh Payton
  • Josh Payton
  • Vice President, User Experience
  • Huge
  • @jpay

Josh Payton partners with Huge’s visual and interaction designers to design and rapidly prototype feature concepts and interfaces. As a product designer, his involvement facilitates a product’s gathering of user feedback on its features during the ongoing design process. While at Huge, Josh has worked with JetBlue, Disney, and Gannett. During his decade-plus of interactive design experience, Josh has acted as the User Experience Design Lead for the home and storefront pages at, and as a Senior Designer for Microsoft, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive, and Yahoo! News.

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John Piontkowski
  • John Piontkowski
  • General Manager, East Region
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • @jfpnc

With more than 25 years of professional sales and sales management experience in technology and digital media, John Piontkowski is the General Manager for Microsoft Advertising’s Eastern Region.

John is responsible for leading advertising sales and services teams in New York, Boston and Atlanta that include both agency and Client direct accounts in Financial Services, Entertainment, CPG and Technology.

His team of sales professionals sell all aspects of Microsoft Advertising’s solutions to accounts such as American Express, E*Trade, Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, P & G, Unilever, Verizon, AT&T, Samsung and Dell Computer Corporation, among others. John is also an active participant with the Advertising Club of New York, the IAB and the IAB MIXX Awards.

Prior to moving over to the digital advertising division, John was part of the Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft, providing software solutions to fortune 500 companies focused on e-commerce, business intelligence and corporate intranets. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Villanova University and resides in Connecticut with his wife and two children.

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Elizabeth Ross
  • Elizabeth Ross
  • President, North America
  • BPN

Effective September 2012, Liz Ross became the North American President of BPN. In this new role, Ross will lead operations for the newly-launched IPG Mediabrands’ worldwide media agency network.

Liz Ross joined Mediabrands in January 2011 to expand the unit’s North American operations through the three-pronged approach creating, acquiring, and redefining Mediabrands assets to the benefit of its diverse portfolio of clients. In October 2011, Liz was named CEO of Geomentum, a Mediabrands agency delivering excellence in the realms of shopper and geo-targeted marketing strategy. Prior to joining Geomentum, Ross served as Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe’s Digitas.

A veteran of the industry for nearly 20 years, Ross rose to the role of U.S. President at Tribal DDB, where she oversaw the teams on such clients as Clorox, Visa, and Pepsi Cola in the U.S. Ross previously spent time at Modem Media in San Francisco, where she led the business development groups in San Francisco and Norwalk, Conn., and pioneered interactive brand-consumer relationships for clients such as General Motors, Delta, General Electric, HP, Michelin, Citibank, and IBM. Prior to Modem, Ross worked in Business Development and Account Management for J. Walter Thompson in Chicago and New York. She served on varied accounts such as Dell, Continental Airlines, 20th Century Fox, Kraft, Mattel, and Nabisco.

Ross was inducted into the AAF Hall of Achievement in 2008 and was named a Woman to Watch by Advertising Age in January of 2008. Ross received Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Michigan State University.

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Steven Schuler
  • Steven Schuler
  • Senior Manager, Ad Products Marketing, Mobile and Connected Devices
  • Yahoo
  • @Steven_Max

Steven Schuler leads ad products marketing for mobile and connected devices at Yahoo. A mobile veteran, Steven has worked in the industry for ten years having held positions on the wireless team at the web analytics company Compete, at mobile marketing pioneer m-Qube, and at Sprint / Nextel. In the summer of 2007, he rode a bicycle from Boston, MA to Seattle, WA and kept a blog using only his Sony Ericsson s710a feature phone.

Steven holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from Union College.

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David Shiffman
  • David Shiffman
  • Executive Vice President, Research Director
  • MediaVest USA
  • @shiffyd

As EVP, Research Director, David is responsible for driving consumer and media research innovation for MediaVest and its clients. David also provides broader agency leadership as a member of MediaVest’s executive team, and is a regular contributor to company publications that provide thought leadership on key industry issues.

David is instrumental in ushering MediaVest, its clients, and the industry into the marketplace of the future, and serves as a catalyst for change across all media. David was the driving force behind MediaVest’s iPanel, which launched the same day as the iPad, following users from the moment they powered on their new iPads, through exploration, adoption, changing behaviors, and shifting consumer expectations—which have subsequently shaped expectations across the full spectrum of media.

Most recently, David oversaw Community Explorer research designed to provide a human-centric view of today’s online and offline communities, the underlying motivations of membership, and the ways in which brands can connect and inspire. Additionally, David and his team developed a proprietary methodology (POEM) for measuring the impact and interactions between Paid, Owned and Earned Media, and the ripple effect they have on each other. As a result of this work and more, David was recognized by iMedia in 2011.

A 16-year research professional, David joined MediaVest USA in 2004 after spending six years with Starcom MediaVest Group in Canada.

David holds an M.A. in Communication Management from the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California.

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Channing Chor

VP, Mobile and Advanced Platforms

FOX Sports Media Group

Lillian Chuo

VP Director Of Media Strategy

ID Media

Jim Clark

SVP Global Sales


Jesse Clemmens

Private Exchanges Manager

LiveRail, a Facebook company

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Vice President, Sales & Business Development


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Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications


Aaron Dalin

Head of Publisher Video, Americas


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Ad Sales Research Manager


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Account Director


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Tapad, Inc.

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Advertising Operations Traffic Coordinator

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Director of Sales


Dan Drescher

VP of Sales

Beachfront Media

Brian Dutt

Vice President, Strategic Development


Rob Eisenhardt

General Manager


Ivy Esquero

Sr. Thought Leadership Manager, Global Consumer Insights


Leigh Ferreira

Director, Industry Initiatives


Richard Fetyko

SVP, Internet Tech and Media

ABR Investment Strategy

Mark Fishkin

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Triad Retail Media

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Crossbeam Media, Comcast

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Co Founder


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Sales Planner

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Lauren Friedman

Sr. Manager Digital Business Development

Viacom Media Networks

Joydeep Gangopadhyay

Senior Manager, Partner Solutions


Carley Graham Garcia

Head of Global Industry Relations

Google Inc.

Jenna Gino

VP, Programmatic Media Director

Affiperf North America

Kim Glaser

Product Manager


David Glicksman

Director of Client Services

U.S. Interactive Media

Stacey Gomes

SVP Product – Video

Rubicon Project

Beth Goodbaum

Associate Editor


Todd Gordon

EVP, US Director

Magna Gobal

Lindsey Gordy

Manager, Account Management


Matt Greenberg


Millennial Media

Paul Greenberg

VP Media

NYC & Company

Ryan Griffin

VP Strategic Sales


Leslie Hall


ICED Media

Nancy Hall

SVP, Sales


Elaine Hall

Partner/Media Director

Gardner Nelson + Partners

David Hallerman

Principal Analyst


Ben Harris

Strategic Relationship Director


Jodianne Harvey

Account Executive, Demand Platform Sales


Maribel Henriquez

PR Associate


Sasha Heroy

Senior Manager, Ad Platforms

The New York Times Company

James Hesdon

Director of SEM


Joniece Hinds

Digital Supervisor


Lawrence Hu

Senior Analyst, Media Technology


Jon Jackson

Executive Creative Director


Joan Jarden

Director of Sales

Mixpo, Inc.

Craig Johanson

Sr. Business Development Manager


Phyllis Joseph

Senior Manager Media Strategy & Operations


Brian Kane

Chief Operating Officer


Lisa Kaplan

Supervisor, Media Implementation

Gardner Nelson + Partners

Greg Karlik

Director of Sales


Iordanka katardjieva

Media Director

Soubriet Byrne & Associates, Inc

Anish Kattukaran

Global Marketing Lead, Prog Video & Brand Measurement


Sky Kelley

Director, New Product

Disney & ESPN Media Networks

Meredith Kendall

Director of Communications


Dan Kidd

Director of Ad and Audience Measurement

Research Now

Yaakov Kimelfeld

Chief Research Officer


Ashley King

Senior Director


Matevz Klanjsek

Founder & CPO


Jennifer Klein

Account Director

Cory Klippsten

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer

Fuisz Media

Kathryn Koegel


Primary Impact

Danielle Koffer

Executive Director


David Kohl

Advertising Sector Leader

Ernst & Young LLP

Oleg Korenfeld

SVP, Advertising Technology & Platforms


Abby Korol

Account Executive


Alexander Kozak

VP Strategy & Operations

Beachfront Media

Matt Kramer

Director of TV and Video Products


Will Kreth

Columnist / Multiscreen Strategist

Kerri Krom

Research Director

Women’s Marketing, Inc.

James Lally

Sr. Manager of National Underwriting


Ronnie Lavi

VP, Product


Stephanie Layser

Manager, Yield Optimization


Morgan Leathers

Senior Media Planner

PVH Corp.

Natalie Lee

Sr Partner, Director – Digital Analytics


Matt Leger

Audience Sales Director


Andrea Lipstein

Director, Digital Client Services


Matt Litman

Senior Account Executive


Matthew Loonam


Tremor Video

Jacob Lustig

VP, Programmatic Media Services


Leila Mabourakh

AdX Solutions Consultant, Video Specialist


Doug MacDonald

SVP Sales


Gerry Manolatos

Communications Director

Ashley Manzano

Media Supervisor

Greater Than One

Danielle Martin

Senior Director, Global Agency Development


Anthony Mazzarella

VP East


Craig McDowell

Associate Media Director

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Dana McGovern

Sales Director

Tremor Video

Carol McGuinness

Public Relations Manager

Swatch Group

Nadine McHugh

VP Integrated Media Communications

Colgate Palmolive

Jeanne McLaughlin

Director, Marketing


Mike McLeod

Senior Manager, Advertising Technology & Products

PGA TOUR Digital

Estefi Medina


Verizon Wireless

Daniel Mesznik



Junko Mizobuchi

Director of Content, Global Integrated Marketing Communications

Maybelline New York

Jen Mohan

VP, Platform Strategy

Optimatic Media

Ian Moore

Senior Search Manager


Susie Moore

Sales Director

Eileen Moroney

VP, Digital Advertising Business & Operations

National Geographic

Sarah Nagle

Director, Programmatic Sales

Tremor Video

Sarah Nanasi

Manager, Platform Solutions


Peter Naylor

SVP, Advertising Sales


Zvika Netter



Kathy Newberger

Director, Brand Engagement

Delivery Agent

Ned Newhouse

Executive Director

Conde Nast

Jason Newport

Senior Vice President, Head of Mobile Practice


Anh Nguyen

Director of Ad Operations


Tatiana Nicholas

Assistant Media Planner

PVH Corp.

Colette Noblitt

Marketing Manager

Conversant, Inc.

Dinell Noonan

Digital Strategist

Horizon Media

John O’Donnell

Account Director


Brian O’Hare



James ONeill

VP, Director of Interactive Media


Jack O’Neill

National Director of Advanced Media

Comcast Media 360

Jorge Ortiz

Head of Business Solutions

Verizon Wireless

Risa Oze

Agency Sales Manager


Shira Palka

Communications Coordinator


Diego Panama

Managing Director


Anjali Patel

Media Planner


Josh Payton

VP, User Experience


Barbara pelham

Global Head of Agency Team


Jake Phillips

US Account Director, Global Business Director


Mano Pillai

Director Products (Mobile and Cross device)


John Piontkowski

General Manager, East Region

Microsoft Advertising

Andy Poon

Senior Analyst


Alexis Popkin

Account Executive


John Prendergast

Director, Mobile Sales

Varick Media Management

Michael Quigley

Manager, Ad Operations

Universal McCann

Dilip Raju

Manager, Inventory Analytics

Time Inc

Deborah Rath

SVP, Planning Director

US International Media

Alex Rauchman

Analyst, Finance Advertising Sales

Comcast Spotlight

Jennifer Renda

senior broadcast negotiator


Jan Renner

Founder / Manager Partner

Gazer Media

Barbara Rice

VP, Strategy Director


Doug Robinson



Nicole Robson

Director of Marketing, Digital Media & Publishing

Trident Media Group

Ben Rodrigues

Account Director, Demand Sales


Mark Rogers

Senior Digital Project Manager

Nestle Waters North America

Staci Rosenblum

Director of Sales


Elizabeth Ross

President, N.A.


Anthony Russo

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Matt Rutstein

Director of Enterprise Sales – East


Katherine Ryan

VP, Marketing

Anthony Salerno

VP, Brand Group Director

Horizon Media

Peter Saluk

Total Communications Planning

Team Detroit/Retail First

David Sandoval

VP Digital


Alvin Santos

Manager, Ad Ops


Dev Sathe

Manager, Product Operations


Alan Schanzer

CCO, Sales


Heath Schindler

Client Partner


Eva Schmiedleitner

Manager Interactive Communications

Austrian Tourist Office

Kristen schoeck

Advertising Operations Product Support Specialist

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Steven Schuler

Senior Manager, Ad Products


Jerrold Seeman


Luxcore, Ltd.

Ponnampalam Selvaratnam

Strategy Director

PHD Media

Jennifer Senhaji

Sales Publisher


Josh Shabati

Creative Director

IPG Media Lab

Jeffrey shaw


Trade Commission of Spain / Foods from Spain

David Shiffman

EVP, Research Director


Ryan Shilling

Client Partner


Dave Simon

VP, Business Development


Neal Sinno

SVP, Strategy and Business Development

Optimatic Media, Inc

Andrew Slater

Manager, Publisher Development

Tremor Video

Chris Smith

VP, Emerging Media


Tim smith

VP, Sales and Business Development

Zentrick, Inc.

Adam Smith

VP, Digital Advertising Operations


Neil Smith

SVP, Business Development


Bret Sorkness

Brand Manager

NBC News

Pete Spande


Business Insider

Greg Stahl

Strategic Development Manager


Rose Steinberg



David James Stewart

Sales Manager

Conversant Media

Jay Stocki

VP, Digital Services

Experian Marketing Services

Louise Storelli

VP, Video Production


Sandy Streim



Cheryl Stump

Director, AOD Video


Peter Suhr

Digital Account Services Manager

LoBo & Petrocine Marketing

Naohisa Takahashi

Manager: Business Development

Yahoo Japan

Lisa Tanzosh

Sales Strategy

VideoHub, a division of Tremor Video

Alyssa Thavorides

Senior Manager, Media


Jennifer Thorsen

Marketplace Development

Yahoo Inc

Bryan Tiedemann

Director of Publisher Solutions

Operative Media Inc

Nettie Tien

Product Manager


Stark Townend

National Director of Advanced Media

Comcast Media 360

Andrew Urban

Sales Director


Mary Vallely

Media Planner

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Peter Vasilakos

VP, Operations


Daniel vassallo

trafficbuyer digital


Erin Venables

Demand Sales


Mary Vestewig

Account Manager

Extreme Reach

Alex Vlasto

VP Marketing


Timothy Ware

VP Mobile and Connected TV Sales

Tremor Video

Michael Wehner

VP, Global Enterprise Sales

the Rubicon Project

Tina Wein

VP Agency Strategy & Partnerships


Jeroen Wijering

Founder & creator

JW Player

Leslie Wood

Chief Research Officer

Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Michael Wright

Publisher Development Executive


David Wyler

Vice President, Business Development

AdTruth, a division of Experian

Tom Xenos

Vice President, Research


Wenting Xie

Account Executive

The Rubicon Project

Tom Yamada

Co Founder


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Engagement Strategist


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Director, Marketing

Conversant, Inc.

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