Emmy-Award Winner Maria Menounos Announced As Host of IAB 2021 NewFronts

Emmy-Award Winner Maria Menounos Announced As Host of IAB 2021 NewFronts 1

Emmy Award-winner, New York Times bestselling author, and streaming media entrepreneur Maria Menounos will host this year’s IAB NewFronts (May 3-6).

Maria Menounos is the ideal host for this transformative moment in media, when streaming is at the center of everything. Menounos has built a successful career on TV, interviewed the Obamas, appeared in commercials for major beauty brands, and founded a streaming media and production company. That first-hand experience gives her unique perspective and insight to ask the questions that need to be asked right now.

Menounos became the youngest person ever to host “Entertainment Tonight” at just 22 years old, and went on to be the youngest co-host of the TODAY Show, and Nightly News. She seamlessly brought that success to streaming media, founding AfterBuzz TV Network and her daily life improvement podcast and YouTube series, “Better Together”.

“Streaming is everywhere today — TV, phone, digital outdoor, in-store, and even at gas stations — and IAB NewFronts is by far the most influential streaming marketplace,” said Menounos. “As someone who grew up in television and grew into founding my own streaming media business, I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this year’s NewFronts. I can’t wait to dig into these critical conversations.”

Menounos will team up with co-hosts:

  • Monday (5/3): Claire Atkinson, Chief Media Correspondent, Insider
  • Tuesday (5/4): Tim Peterson, Senior Media Editor, Digiday
  • Wednesday (5/5): Hena Doba, Host, Cheddar News
  • Thursday (5/6): Lola Ogunnaike, Host, PeopleTV

If you’re a media buyer and you’re ready to dig in too, request your pass to attend IAB NewFronts at www.iab.com/newfronts.